TechPro HR Services: A Reliable HCM Consultancy Firm Finding Candidates who Best Meet the Client's Hiring Criteria

CIO Vendor The business sector is fast-evolving, and with changing times, companies are becoming eager to incorporate the technological advancements in their products and services, and thus, are in a constant need of a proficient workforce. Considered as resources of an organization, efficient employees grant impeccable assistance in technology adoption, diversification, consolidation, and partnering. Today, the need for an engaged workforce is extremely critical as it is imperative to understand the customer’s priority which will not happen with technology, and the need for human element is necessary. Envisaging the growing gap in the demand and supply of human resources in the corporate world is TechPro HR Services, a firm established in 2011 with a pragmatic approach to human connection. Believing strongly that recruitment is something much more than filtering candidates for a company, TechPro HR Services walks an extra mile by understanding a person’s background, aspirations, experience, and style before visualizing the fitment.

By embracing technology and making operational changes while maintaining the core beliefs around customer focus, quality, and a human element, TechPro HR Services is riding the wave of technology and renovating accordingly to be at the forefront of the evolution. Commencing its journey as a pureplay executive search firm, the company offers customized HR solutions to its clients with a strong focus in quality coupled with a consultative approach and deep understanding of the Indian market.

“Our unique recruitment approach involving need analysis and competency gap mapping helps us find the candidates who best meet the client's hiring requirements and culture. We have been constantly striving to enhance our services which have led to TAPSTM(TechPro Advisory and Placement
Services), Leadership Hiring Services, Sales/Support Recruitment Services, Training, Business Consulting Workshops and Counselling. We also consult on leadership needs of our customers as partners and provide recommendations on leadership matters and help them recruit the most effective executives for their organization”, says Samir Bhat, Founder, TechPro HR Services.

TechPro HR Services is riding the wave of technology and renovating accordingly to be at the forefront of the evolution

Talking about the differentiating quotient of the firm which propels TechPro to stand out amongst the crowd of competitors, Samir states, “While most startups have robust plans and are ready to offer great careers to employees, most candidates are often reluctant and apprehensive in taking the calls. This has led us to conduct a thorough assessment of clients and market conditions so that we could help our candidates get a complete picture of plans, opportunities, and associated risks. Our impeccable track record and recognition in the market gives candidates the much needed confidence to seriously consider the employment options, though the decision rests purely on both the employer and employee. These initiatives have helped us work very closely with our clients and candidate, thereby Enabling us to Build Trust One Interaction at a Time.” By understanding the responsibility of right placement to ensuring a win-win situation for both employee and employer, TechPro HR is striving to emerge as a brand for end-to-end HR services right from recruitment, training, workshops, counseling, and business consulting on human capital enrichment.

“We will focus on quality in our ongoing business and at the same time, expand beyond Cybersecurity space. We have come a long way from contingency recruitment to workshops, counseling, and business consulting on human capital investments. We would continue to add more services as the markets evolve, intending to become a trusted brand in human capital management. Currently, there is significant research in training and multiple active engagements for workshops. We are also eyeing other sectors and geographies for expansion with a firm belief that our focus on human capital, culture, values, and investments will take us to greater heights!”, infers Samir.