Infovys: Helping Businesses Elevate Their Value Through Customized Solutions

CIO Vendor The passive attitude of Indians and their lack of knowledge about cybersecurity and the threats that individuals can have in the cyber realm is posing a serious threat to the cybersecurity integrity of the nation. The hesitancy of many to still learn and understand about the importance of cybersecurity needs to change owing to the fact that with more and more people starting to go digital, the amount of possible threats they might come across is also increasing. One company that has been trying to bring in a positive change in the Indian cybersecurity space is Infovys. The company has been able to cut off unwanted slack and streamline their business operations in such a way that, they have been able to not only meet but exceed their client’s expectations.

The scam going around India when it comes to cybersecurity owing to the fake cybersecurity experts making fake promises to their clients and not meeting the expectations has put a dent in the reputation of the entire cybersecurity fraternity of the country. “We want to bring revolution in cybersecurity and we guide and explain to our clients about the situation so they get to know how we are helping them to be safe in the cyber world. Our inception story itself is unique from that of the other companies. We established the company in 2016 as a digital marketing company and we started our company with Rs 25. That time I recharged a 200mb internet plan and started searching clients for digital marketing and then I found a person who was also looking for digital marketing professional and in a Facebook group.

He posted for the requirement and then I saw 10 comments on that post so I also just left a comment with my basic information in that and I got a WhatsApp message next day for work. Within 9 months I started following some hacking group page and one day I got a notification that some Pakistani hacker hacked our defence site and I trace that hacker too and reported to the defence with evidence. Thus, my interest in hacking increased and I started studying about bug bounty and after some months I
started finding bugs in Dell, Envato, Este, Panda Security, Edmodo, and Intel”, says Rohit Dalvi, Founder and CEO, Infovys.

Adding about the range of services offered by the company and the uniqueness of their operations, Rohit shares, “The services we provide includes Web security, Malware Security, Ransom ware Security, Cloud Security, and Data Security. We do manual testing and we believe that it is more powerful than plug-in & software scan. We focus on skill and we monitor client website closely because if it is hurt then their profit is adversely affected, so we do not compromise quality and we just assure our client to just focus on the business side of their operations, the rest we will do. We block the hacker attack we trace a hacker and we secure the server of client.

Infovys is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers, helping businesses elevate their value through custom web security & app security, QA and consultancy services

We think like a hacker because we know how hacker see the website and how they know which point is a weak point of a website, because long back we were also a hacker and plus point is we keep an eye on the dark market too so that no leak happens”. This has helped the company to create an impressive clientele that includes some top names such as Stux Softwares, Whatastory. agency, and Edmodo to name a few and as far as the future is concerned, Infovys has laid out solid foundations to expand their horizons. Also, the company is aiming to launch a new product in the market for cybersecurity which is like cyber insurance to help people from scam, or from data breach.

Rohit Dalvi, Founder & CEO, Infovys
Rohit Dalvi Is A Well Known Founder And CEO Of Infovys. He Born On 26th February 1994 In Nashik Maharashtra Itself. He Is An Indian By Nationality And Presently Living In Nashik, Maharashtra (India). An Expert In Web Security With Best In Business Growth, Rohit Is Focusing On Company Interactive Experiences. His Further Plan Is To Retire At The Age Of 35-40 And Wants To Enjoy His Life With His Wife.
Headquarter: Nashik, Maharashtra
Offerings: Cyber-Security, Website Security, App Security And Consultancy Services