Gym Consultants India (GCI): Bringing Value-Added Gym Consultancy To The Clients Across India

CIO Vendor A recent study conducted on the impact of the pandemic on the fitness industry shows an alarming fact that 85 percent of the gyms across the globe are facing permanent shutdown owing to the losses that were brought in by the spread of Covid19 and the resulting lockdown. The situation in India has also been somewhat the same with gyms across the country being closed for months now. Striving to bring in a positive change in these tough and unprecedented times as well as helping gym owners to not just create but also run a successful gym is Gym Consultants India (GCI).

Understanding the pulse of the industry first-hand as well as the needs and requirements of both, the gym goers and gym owners alike, industry stalwart Ebenezer Kumar zeroed in on the establishment of Gym Consultants India (GCI) to become a one-stop solution provider for aspiring gym owners of the country. Ebenezer has got nearly two decades of expertise and experience in the corporate realm and the passion he has for health and fitness combined with his eye for cashing in on the smallest of business opportunities come together for establishing a standout business consultant that focuses on creating health and fitness centres that are both profitable and can satisfy the needs of the gym-goers and fitness fanatics.

From Scratch to Launch
Aspiring gym owners never before had the luxury of availing the services of an expert gym consultant that can take care of things starting from scratch all the way to the launch. Ebenezer Kumar and GCI have now realized their objective of becoming a one-stop-shop for everything re lated to setting up a successful gym. “When I was holding the position as the General Manager of Snap Fitness, I had the opportunity to talk to aspiring gym owners and I found that in franchising what is happening is that, they are not providing customer support and the general support structure. They initially help them out and then it is over. Another trend in the industry is that if someone wants to open a gym, they go to a trainer and they are very good at training people but they don’t really know how the business side of it works.

At the same time, if it is just a business person that is helping a person to set up a gym, he just looks at the business side of it and just thinks about how to make money out of it. Does not really understands the fitness and the real need of the customers that come to work out. That’s when I said there should be someone who is an expert in this industry and how we set up was
with No Franchisee Fee and No Royalty Fee. So, Gym Consultants India provides the No Franchisee Fee No Royalty Fee services where we come in with an expert team to help you with everything from scratch to launch”, speaks Ebenezer.

Gym Consultants India has created a five-step operational model that has proven to be quite effective when it comes to successfully implementing a profitable gym. Those five steps include idea, concept, design, development, and launch and this combined with the company’s build, operate, and transform model has helped GCI to help their clients create unique yet revenue-generating business models. The consultancy firm has a diversified service portfolio that is divided into four categories such as Marketing and Branding, Finance and Operations, Increase Sales and Dedicated support. This coupled with their ability to bring in individual experts that can assist their client’s operations throughout the implementation process allows GCI to stand apart from the rest in the market.

Evolving with Changing Times
One silver lining that happened due to the pandemic outbreak and the resulting lockdown is that people got more aware about the importance of boosting their immunity and in general become more health-conscious. In stark contrast, this notion of going into the gym and getting fit came at one of the worst times possible owing to all the gyms along with other business and educational establishments being put under lock owing to the spread of the pandemic. For fitness fanatics as well as commoners who are looking to work out from their houses itself, GCI is also offering expert services to set up home gyms according to your need and budget.

Evolving with the changing times, GCI is aiming to come out of the pandemic struck market even stronger and by constantly reinventing themselves, the consultancy firm is able to adapt to even the most unprecedented situations. “We are going to introduce new revenue-generating streams within the gym such as salt room therapy in the gym itself. Salt is anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, it rejuvenates the respiratory system by decongesting nasal passages and airways. Salt therapy is natural, safe, highly effective against respiratory allergens and pathogens. Salt therapy alleviates respiratory allergies and related breathing issues and symptoms. Prolonged salt therapy sessions improve respiratory immunity and avoid frequent infections. As of now we have offices in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai and we are also looking to start offices in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Ahmedabad as well”, signs off Ebenezer.

Ebenezer Kumar, Founder, Gym Consultants India (GCI)
His Passion To Create Unique Value Propositions To His Clients Has Helped Him To Guide Gym Consultants India (GCI) Towards Sustained Success In The Industry
Headquarter: Karnataka
Offerings: Marketing And Branding, Finance And Operations, Hiring And Training, Increase Sales