Intellimechanics: Promising A Unique Amalgamation Of Technology And HR Expertise

CIO Vendor According to a report by Grand View Research, Inc, the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) market size is expected to reach USD 390.9 billion by 2025; anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 46.2 percent from 2019 to 2025. While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is considered as a revolutionary technology, the AI consulting industry is still at a nascent stage in India. Although the business potential within this space stands strong, there are still miles to be covered to establish the requisite change in re-structuring the clients' needs and the necessary service offerings. Cashing on the opportunity, Adil Hassan established Intellimechanics in 2019 through a collaboration of corporate executives who aspired to provide specialized services aided by technology in the HR domain.

Highlighting the early days of the firm, Adil Hassan, Senior Partner and Co-Founder, Intellimechanics shares, “The initial days were filled with challenges, especially, when we faced deadlocks related to financials, staff, clients, and other growth challenges. However, the clarity of our Business Plan and our clear Vision has always helped us to stay focused. With our passion-filled minds, we got onboard the right talent who resonated with the company’s value and culture. We believe that nourishing the needs and concerns of our customer coupled with our sheer hard work, relevant expertise, and perseverance has helped us serve the best clients from the industry.”

NCR based Intellimechanics is a young company that is defining the firm in the AI domain through its well-established and certified products while incorporating scientific methods to different approaches within the HR domain. With a vision to bridge the gaps in the industry, the firm is offering a range of services which include HR Consulting, HR Tech Solutions, Talent Acquisition Services, and Learning & Development put together under one roof to support start-ups and corporates. “Technology will redefine the way we work in the coming years and its integration has become quintessential in the HR domain. While observing the HR consulting market, we noticed a
void in the available HR Tech systemic services which aspired us to enrich our clients with the innovative technology in Talent Services and the Human Resources domain”, adds Adil.

Keeping up with its inception objective, Intellimechanics has also partnered with some of the leading global firms to make its mark in the market. The sheer expertise of the professionals at Intellimechanics is well-reflected through the firm’s rich clientele which includes names like United Nations, True Influence (USA), D. Light, and many more from over 11 industries in both IT & NonIT sectors. “We have a major footing in building strategic partnerships with leading American technology firms as well as industry leaders and subject matter experts across the spectrum. We have also partnered with chosen multinational firms who specialize in AI technologies. A feather in the hat has been our partnership with the United Nations where we were handpicked to serve their talent services for all bodies of the UN across the globe”, speaks Adil.

With its prosperous corporate experience in different industries and sectors, right from start-ups to fortune 500 firms, Intellimechanics is poised and prepared to overcome any challenge that its clients may put on the table

With its prosperous corporate experience in different industries and sectors, right from start-ups to fortune 500 firms, Intellimechanics is poised and prepared to overcome any challenge that its clients may put on the table. In the years to come, the firm aspires to spread its wings across areas of Talent Acquisition and HR consulting in America and the MEA region. Through the power of Automated Technology/AI, Intellimechanics plans to help organizations grow and develop strategically. Concluding the interaction, Adil mentions, “At intellimechanics, we want to be the world’s best at helping employers achieve success through people. At each step of the relationship with our clients and candidates, we deliver value, an expert point of view, and a lasting partnership which is our mission.”

Adil Hassan, Senior Partner & Co-Founder
Owing To His Passion And Commitment To Constantly Improve, Adil Has Been Able To Develop Into A Unique Entity In The Industry And Guide Intellimechanics Towards Sustained Success In The Industry.
Headquarter: Uttar Pradesh
Offerings: HR Consulting, Talent Staffing, Corporate HR Management, Learning And Development