The 10 Most Read Articles – 2021

By Tanuja Akkannavar Friday, 24 December 2021

As a challenging year for most industries, the year 2021 saw a V-shaped recovery, driven by an increase in investments and incentives to stimulate operations. The year demonstrated both India's inherent strengths and flaws. The trajectory of the COVID-19 dissemination was the key determinant of economic movement in the country, as it was globally.

This year has presented businesses with numerous difficulties and concerns. The most prominent topics of the year have aimed at addressing the challenges, with an emphasis on coming back to offices, introducing flexible workforce facilities, and rebuilding corporate vision and leadership for the post-pandemic period. Considering organizational efficiency and endurance, resolving organisational shortcomings, and building methods to deal with complexity and uncertainty are other important topics.

The ten most read articles on the Consultants Review portal are listed below. The shifting industry trends, the problems faced by organisations and leaders, key investment dynamics, and the challenging period for CEOs and workforces are all underlined.

10 Most Read Articles

1. Why Should Companies Invest in IPOs? What Are the Top Benefits?
The IPO market has been on the rise in FY2021-2022, not just in India, but in markets around the world. The global IPO market raised $330.6 billion in the first nine months of 2021, with Indian IPOs accounting for roughly 3% of that total. The idea of an Initial Public Offering, or IPO, has piqued investors' attention. The preceding article discussed the benefits that companies can gain by investing in IPOs.

2. What Is the Reason Behind Growing Popularity of Crypto-Investment?
Cryptocurrency has been a prominent topic of discussion for many years. Most people are familiar with cryptocurrency, and you might even buy Bitcoin now and then. Despite this, many people may be unclear about why the cryptocurrency is so popular right now. Cryptocurrency as a long-term investment potential appears to be realistic in 2021. As the year comes to a close, large market cap, the entry of new and genuine firms into the cryptosystem, and, most importantly, real-world potential based on core blockchain technology have emerged as primary growth drivers. There are numerous reasons for the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, and you can learn more about them by reading the information provided in the above article.

3. Top 5 Government Loan Schemes for SMEs In India
The Government of India has purposefully developed a number of credit initiatives to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in the MSME sectors in growing their businesses and the economy. This article provides an overview of how emerging entrepreneurs in the MSME areas can borrow money in the form of a loan through any of the schemes that meet their needs.

4. Basic Income Tax Planning Tips for Beginners
Tax planning is commonly defined as the practice of minimising tax burden by maximising the utilisation of available tax benefits. It is critical to arrange your taxes in order to streamline your funds by saving money on taxes. There are numerous possibilities, such as exploring and investing in tax-saving instruments such as Mutual Fund plans and Insurance, but in order to plan taxes using these options, it is necessary to first understand some critical suggestions. This article provides some basic income tax preparation advice for beginners.

5. What Does an Employer and Employee Need to Know About EPFO
Employee Provident Fund (EPF/PF) is a government-sponsored retirement savings plan for employees. This is when the employee contributes 12% of his or her basic income + DA, and PF is mandated for all employees. Furthermore, this is a tax-free investment, and the payment is paid every month, and any employee can submit a joint request for a greater rate of contribution to EPFO. This allows you to withdraw funds after leaving a job or retiring, which can be used to pay financial obligations. This article discusses some of the topics that an employer and employee should know about the EPFO.

6. How Are AI Assistants Impacting the Business?
According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to provide a $15.7 trillion subsidy and a 26% increase in GDP for local economies by 2030. China (26 percent increase) and North America (14.5 percent increase) will reap the greatest economic benefits from AI, accounting for more than 70 percent of the global economic impact. The above-mentioned article gives an outline of how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in organisations to help them grow tremendously.

7. What Are the Most Important Considerations for Mothers-Turned-Entrepreneurs When Running a Business?
As the name implies, a Mom-turned-Entrepreneur is a woman who is both a mother and an entrepreneur. These ambitious women don't have to choose between family and career. They strive to be great parents and entrepreneurs, and an increasing number of mothers are establishing their own enterprises. Raising a child is challenging, but it is also fulfilling; you may feel as if you can accomplish anything as a result of the experience. It also makes you want to give your children a beautiful existence and do everything you can to make the world a better place for them. The above-mentioned article contains a few pointers to keep in mind as you navigate the world of being a business owner while also caring for your home and family.

8. Top Benefits for a Business of Having 360 Degree Customer View
A 360-degree customer view is a complete picture of a customer's experience and involvement with a company from start to finish. It highlights the many stages of the journey as well as how the consumer felt at each of them. The foregoing article provides an overview of the advantages that a firm can receive by deploying 360-degree Customer View.

9. How Can Small Businesses Break into The Global Market?
It may appear like taking your small business global is a challenging task. Small businesses, on the other hand, can reap the benefits of selling in international markets; this type of expansion can help you increase earnings, create long-term operations, and raise brand awareness globally. To do so, you must consider every aspect of international marketing. This article provides an insight into how to expand a small business into the worldwide market.

10. Important Traits to Look for Before Hiring an Employee
Employees can make or break a business, and the quality of your employees has a significant impact on the performance and growth rate of your company. Growing industry competition has also made it more difficult for companies to find and hire the ideal candidate for their organization, and with more companies entering the corporate realm and all of them competing for the best candidates in the job market, this situation is only going to get worse in the coming years. This article took a closer look at the factors that a company should consider before recruiting a new employee.

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