Important traits to look for before hiring an employee

By Rohan A T Monday, 22 March 2021

Employees make or break a business organization and the quality of your employees have a massive say when it comes to determining the performance and growth rate of a business. The growing competition in the industry has also made it harder for companies to find and hire the ideal candidate for their organization and with more companies entering the corporate realm and all of them going for the best candidates in the job market, this situation is only going to get tougher in the coming years. The growing industry academia skill gap is also a major catalyst that is making it hard for businesses to get a qualified and well-versed candidate to work for them. Even if you get a qualified candidate, it is also crucial to look at certain other things before going ahead and hiring an employee. So, let’s take a closer look at those things that a company should look before hiring an employee.

1. Differentiate them from the Rest: Before getting ready to hire a new employee, look at what he/she has done that separates them from the rest of the job applicants and look at what are the other things that they have done outside their job descriptions in their previous job. This will allow you to see what all things differentiates them from the rest of their peers. This will also allow businesses to identify all the various facts of the candidate like whether they are a team player or not, will they help his/her colleagues to perform well and achieve the goals of the organization and so on.  

2. Identifying the Attitude: Even if the candidate has all the desired educational qualifications, that doesn’t mean that they will become high performing employees. So, it is crucial to identify whether the candidate will be proactive or not. Asses and identify if the candidate is willing to work outside the set limits of the job that is assigned to them for the greater benefit of the organization and if the candidate is willing to take on the extra chores, then that candidate can play a far better job of working for the overall development of the company.

Make sure that you select candidates that has got this skill and it will help you to train and develop an employee who is a multitasker and can fill multiples roles in the organization

3. Find Leaders: Employees that has the ‘can-do attitude’ and lead others around them is an added strength for any business and to get those kinds of employees is a boon for businesses. One that could motivate others around them and take initiatives will help the business to face challenges and move forward. Having a leader will also help the business to get everyone to work together for a common goal and achieve the organizational objectives efficiently.

4. Quick Learner: Having an employee that is interested to learn new things consistently and is enthusiastic to improve their skills sets is also a great asset for a business organization. Make sure that you select candidates that has got this skill and it will help you to train and develop an employee who is a multitasker and can fill multiples roles in the organization.

These four are some of the things that an organization should prioritize before hiring employees and it is high time that businesses focus on the overall fit of an employee in an organization rather than just hiring based on their academic prowess

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