How Can SMEs boost Online Customer Engagement for Business Growth

By Tanuja A Akkannavar Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Online Customer Engagement is the process of communicating and facilitating the company’s relationship with its customers through different virtual channels. It focuses more on building value instead of producing sales, also online customer engagement helps a company to create a close bond between their brand and the consumers.

Currently, the SMEs struggle to keep up with the challenging digital transformations that are happening, because the prominent companies are creating large advertisement campaigns to keep their online customers engaged. But, to grow their business and stand strong in the market, the SMEs have to develop various online customer engagement strategies that can effectively gain a great business to them. Following are some of the strategies on how can the SMEs boost their online customer engagement for business growth:

1. Interact with Customers –
Today, people follow their favorite brands and companies on social media platforms in order to keep updated about their products and services. This can be a great opportunity for SMEs to interact with their customers and keep them engaged, for instance, a company can post any update about their upcoming products and services. They can ask their customers to share their views through videos to which the company can a reply by posting it on their social media platforms. 

The social media platforms are the right paths to easily interact with the customers and create a strong online customer engagement, it just that the companies have to be active in these platforms.

2. Email Newsletters –
The e-mail marketing should be part of every online consumer engagement campaigns wherever consumers and prospects are in the sales cycle. A company has to establish a schedule for sending emails from the launch to post sale follow-up at each point of the sales cycle, this will create a continuous online engagement with the customer as they will be aware of the company and their products or service for a long time.

3. Reply to the Customers’ Comment –
If a dedicated client has taken the time to comment on a post, a company should take a moment to reply back to that comment. If the statement is not negative, it does have to be immediate, it will not going to take long. Time. A simple thank you often is appropriate, but a company should not always make it appear like a robot with the same response.

4. Ask for Customers’ Feedback –
Any SME can complete a transaction with an order follow up, by asking the customer to submit their feedback or questions about the delivery of the product itself. Include product pages with rating and review tools and provide information about the products that may be helpful to other customers.

5. Conduct Online Contests –
Customers enjoy online contests, many of them will have an adrenaline rush because they think they could win, almost will plan what they can do when they win. If you are focused on social media channels or platforms, a strong competition is a great way to engage your online customers and make them loyal customers.

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