Why to Use Counter Advertising?

By Tanuja Akkannavar Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Why to Use Counter Advertising?Normally, the companies try to prove how good or different are their products and services from other companies, in this competitive marketing strategies they use the Counter Advertising concept. The companies advertise their products and services through a message to their customers with a counter concept to their competitors in the market. Normally Counter Advertising is used in the domains providing FMCG products such as toothpaste, beverages, ready to eat foods, dairy products and many others.

The Counter Advertisements use the same set of themes in their advertising campaigns but with different concepts. For example, some of the beverage companies use Counter Advertising in order to grab the consumer’s attention, also will a clear counter-message so that the audience may relate it to the other products and services and feel this product is better than the others. Following are some of the ways on how to create a counter advertisement:

  • A company has to evaluate that why is the counter ad necessary, and what are the factors that can be emphasized in the counter advertisement.
  • The concept that was used in the original ad has to be continued with a new theme and counter-message
  • The counter advertisement has to be creative and attractive enough to hold the consumer's attention and convince them that their products and services are better than the others.
  • A company and an ad agency have to make sure that their counter advertisements should promote only their products and services. With a counter concept, it should not promote any of their competitors’ products or service, because this may act as a major disadvantage for a company and creates a market to their competitors.

Why Counter Advertising Is Used?

In general, the counter-advertising is used by the company’s to represent themselves as a company which provides standard products and services compared to their competitors. Sometimes a company builds advertisement concepts that will lead to counter advertising battle, in which the opposite company on which indirectly concept was built will counter back with their views. This counter-advertising has also lead to various controversies among various companies.

Counter Advertising is of two kinds, one is the advertisements directly focuses on a specific category of people and the other is common advertisements. For example beverage companies, these companies create counter advertisements only for their specific audience and attract them to use their products also make them believe that their products are the best in the market. For the common counter advertisements, we can take the best example of toothpaste advertisements, the toothpaste products are used by everyone, and hence these companies use the concept of counter advertisements to indirectly point on their opponents and tell the audience that how their products and services are superior to the others available in the market.

Counter Advertisements are common in today’s marketing and advertisement industry. It is a part of advertising campaigns held by the firms in order to create a brand value for their products and services in the market.

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