How to find and How to hire freelancers online

By consultantsreview Team Saturday, 17 October 2020

How to find and How to hire freelancers onlineLooking to hire someone, to help you with a new project? Maybe looking after one or two freelancers would be a great option for you and your business.

You will have on hand a trustworthy person to work with, with no boundaries and saving money on things like employment benefits. Working with freelancers, you will assure working with people highly qualified that enjoy handling their own time and accomplish deadlines.

If you keep reading, we will give you a few tips on how to hire freelancers, which are the goals you need to set, and the boundaries you need to establish with them.

Also, we are going to talk about how COVID-19 has changed in-house employees to online freelancers in this period.

Hire freelancers today

Keep in mind the following tips at the moment of looking after a freelancer.

The first thing you have on hand to find a freelancer is freelancer platforms. Read RevExpo reviews first to choose the right one. You will find a lot of skilled people there who will be able to fulfill your needs. If you need a writer, a designer, or even someone who has IT knowledge, using one of these platforms will be a great option for you.

These platforms offer you a way to track the time your freelancer spends working on a project, a way to transfer the payment after he or she is done, and great customer service if you need assistance with something. Any freelancer platform will allow you to explore the freelancer profile, look after their skills and previous jobs. Also, it includes a rating system to make sure you will only be working with the best and most qualified people.

Enter onto portfolio sites

This type of place will allow you to take a look at previous works the freelancer you have the interest in had completed in the past. It’s a great way to know beforehand the type of person and the type of final outcome you will end with. It can come in handy at the moment of searching for a more creative person, like a designer or an artist. It will give you an idea of the outcome. There are a couple of freelancing sites like Fiverr, upwork, Guru, peoplehour etc. When it comes to quick work like logo design, video animation, PPT and many more Fiverr would be the best place to find talented freelancers.

How COVID has changed in-house employees to online freelancers

COVID-19 has affected us all, and to all types of industry around the world. This moment is a before and after and people needed to evolve and adapt to a new lifestyle. If you were lucky enough to keep your job, you know it was a whole adaptive process to start working at home. The majority was forced to work from home, but what happened to people who lost their jobs, or the ones who needed to close their company due to these pandemic conditions? They needed to adapt and evolve.

And thanks to it a lot of people started to find new ways to generate any type of income, so it is not weird at all that people entering the freelancer world were on the rise.  As frustrating as it can be to adapt by force to a new reality, adaptive and easy-going people took on this opportunity and started to increase their possibilities of generating new income.

Social networks and platforms

Talking about being able to evolve and adapt yourself into new environments, you can easily use your social network to promote yourself as a freelancer, as well as companies and employees who can find you and your previous works through it. Keep your game on top and make sure you keep your platforms actualized and attractive to generate clients.

How to properly evaluate a new candidate

The quality of the work you will receive depends on the experience and level of expertise the freelancer has.  That is why it is important to read their reviews. If a freelancer has consistent low ratings, maybe there is something he or she is not able to accomplish, and you might want to consider looking after another candidate.

Also, be sure to properly study their previous jobs and portfolio. This is really important to know what you will have as an outcome. Be sure they have good quality jobs uploaded, and that their portfolio is always updated. To make sure both parts will be happy to work together, offer to pay by milestone. This will allow you to evaluate how your freelancer works, how much time he or she will expend completing a task, and if you are satisfied with the result he presents.

It is important to make sure you both are on the same page, so keeping communication is the key. Keep talking about milestones and maybe ideas that can improve the final product. Listen to your freelancer and be sure you treat him or her with respect. Even if you only talk through chat or messages, you are still working with a human being, so keeping that in mind will be a game-changer.

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