What is MEME Marketing? How is it Benefiting the Companies?

By Tanuja A Akkannavar Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Memes are now at the peak of the entertainment sector. Today, people spend most of their time on social media browsing, watching and sharing things that they feel are creative or entertaining. Sharing memes with the people whom we feel the content in a meme is connecting have become a part of our daily life. There are a large number of people who create and post memes on social, most of them have made this as their profession. Though the medium of creating memes to reach out a larger audience has flourished in recent years, but due to its way of easily connecting people by creating memes has gained higher popularity.

The increasing demands for the Memes have made the companies use them as a vital mode of marketing their products and services. It is emerging as one of the most popular and creative marketing tools that the businesses are focusing on, also, the companies are hiring candidates who can develop attention-seeking memes. The memes created for marketing by using humorous images and videos created on a daily basis of normal people can make the public feel relatable. Also, meme marketing benefits a company in several ways, some of the benefits of Memes marketing is mentioned below:

1. Low Cost:

Most of the companies always try to find out low cost or less expensive marketing tools and expects to get a good response from the audience in return. One such technique of marketing products and services that have raised the bars of popularity to extreme heights is Meme Marketing. The basic needs for meme marketing are an individual who is creative enough to develop eye-catching memes, accessibility of the internet and a device to create memes. By posting memes online can create enough buzz around when it gains popularity.

2. Popularity:

Memes already have a huge fan base, and almost every individual who uses social media in their daily life will enjoy watching meme images and videos. Today Memes are the most shared and viral concepts on social media platforms also, a major reason for this is the audience can relate to the memes with certain situations in real life.

3. Connecting with the Audience:

An important aspect that made memes attain such huge popularity in a short period of time is that any individual can connect to them. The meme makers pick up situations that we come over in our everyday routine and create a meme on those scenes. Memes can be used well in building strategies for a company's marketing, a factor that has to be kept in mind while creating memes is that the concept of a company that they want to portray to the audience using memes has to be clear. Memes have to be created in such a way that the products and services for which memes marketing is been used have to connect with the audience.

4. Lifespan:

Today, the lifespan of a meme is very long. If a meme is creative, humorous and relatable it stays on the minds of the audience for a really long time. And, if a meme gets viral it will be used by most of the meme makers for several years. Hence, as the concept of meme marketing is gaining a large number of followers it can help a company market its products and services using innovative strategies it will remain alive in the audience's mind for a long time.

5. Easy to Create:

Today memes can be created using smartphones, a creative team or even an individual can create memes using simple devices that can connect to the internet. Any situation can be used to develop and design a meme using a certain concept that can promote an idea and promote it together.

Meme marketing is a viral concept in the present field of marketing; the raise of the meme marketing statistics has given birth to the new age marketing companies and meme marketing agencies. As a trending marketing tool, meme marketing can attain great demand for a business and help a company in getting more followers.

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