25 Most Promising Healthcare Consultants - 2017

The Healthcare Industry is constantly changing,evolving and making the most of the growing demand. It is a highly competitive sector and each firm is constantly shifting its focus to accommodate new trends. It is predicted that India would be among the top ten healthcare markets in the next five years. The industry is growing at a tremendous rate on the basis of its strengthening coverage, services and expenditure by both the public and the private sectors. According to the Ministry of Health, during 2008-2020, the market is expected to record a CAGR of 16 per cent. In fact, the all over industry size is expected to touch USD 160 billion by 2017 and USD 280 billion by 2020. Further more, fifty types of technological developments have been done in order to approach to treat serious diseases like cancer and TB.

To take advantage of these possibilities, more and more domestic and foreign corporate ventures have stepped in to offer multi specialty healthcare, diagnosis and treatment packages. Each of the organization has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some firms possess strong capabilities to solve certain problems while others take time. Hence, each organization has a different business model. Here comes the need to hire experienced professionals from industry who can provide more useful expertise and blend effectively both the ‘professional consultant’ and the ‘experienced professionals’ to deliver implementable recommendations, to generate better resources that promotes greater understanding of the several challenges that are faced by the healthcare industries. It is critically important to illuminate the major issues of this sector; hand in hand it is also important to identify the specific needs of the healthcare organizations. There is a vast coverage of pharmaceutical companies, be it in the market, regulatory environment or competitors, the consulting firms are required to take swift decision and that is where they come into the picture.

Identifying the challenges faced by the healthcare industry, the current issue of Consultants Review brings you “25 Most Promising Healthcare Consultants”. The list features some of the best players in the industry that help clients to gain efficiency, establish innovations and yield profit. The list aims to help entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to choose a competent consulting partner who suits their requirements and help their  firms achieve efficiency, faster time to market in a cost effective manner.

Company Name Description
Access Healthcare Transforming healthcare revenue cycle for providers, by bringing right technology, process, and domain experts together
Altidoorg Leading turnkey specialists in hospital planning and management services helping organisation achieve clinical integration and value-based care
Astron Healthcare Offers expertise in health economics for strategic financial investments in commercial ventures in healthcare
CRMO Pharmatech Provides complete cGMP outsourcing solution to pharmaceutical industries
DDF Healthcare Consultants Pioneers in the field of Hospital Planning & Management consultancy in India
Global Healthcare Solutions Provides customer centric approach by offering innovative, quality, economical and timely healthcare solutions to all our customers
Glocal Healthcare Brings state-of-the-art medical facilities and infrastructure closer to under-served India
health05 Provides communication platform and engagement protocols to help hospitals keep their patients engaged, improve long term health outcome and increase average
HealthBridge Specializes in helping healthcare organizations achieve superior clinical results and exceptional business performance
Healthcare Consulting Services Hospital operator & turnaround specialist, who understands operational and clinical aspect of hospitals and help them increase the efficiency and effectiveness of processes by providing quality care
HealthCursor Consulting Provides research, advisory services, and implementation support to public health efforts in emerging markets
HealthStart Dedicated to support start ups in healthcare industry through funding, mentorship and other requisite support
Hospaccx Healthcare Business Consultancy Offers an array of services for various Healthcare setups ranging from a Nursing Home to a Multi-Speciality and Super-Speciality centres
Irene Ensures easy access to doctors for billion people, creating an experience for both healthcare experts and users
Lybrate Ensures easy access to doctors for billion people, creating an experience for both healthcare experts and users
Medesun Healthcare An AAPC and AHIMA Certified Coder that train’s student in the field of medical coding/billing/HIPAA/HL7/ICD-10
MediPlace Provides an array of healthcare and hospital management services across India and Middle East
Medium Healthcare Consulting Offers services in the areas of business strategy , project planning and execution, marketing, sales, patient experience, public healthcare and healthcare franchising
Monk Consulting Expertise spans on core areas and fundamentally relies on providing actionable advice to ensure business viability
Pharma Access A pharmaceutical consultant firm that provides one stop solution for every thing there is in the pharmaceutical Industry
Synapse Healthcare Provides solutions to the specific needs of the clients with a mission to deliver high impact outcome
Vaasmedi Aims to provide transparency in both quality of care and affordability of health services locally and overseas
Vigilare Biopharma Offers customized solution to its clients in the pharmaceuticals, biotech, and medical device industries to expand their business operations to a global scale. And are specialized in pharmaco vigilance, regulatory, clinical, scientific and business services
We Consultants Provides healthcare solutions for some of the most prestigious Hospitals, Medical Colleges and Healthcare facilities and also aims to meet every profile match for active requirement
Zon Health Consulting Provide an integrated platform for Patient / Employee Satisfaction ensuring operational benefits and helping the hospital maintain its turnaround while continuing on the path of constant growth