Healthcare Consulting Services: Bring Operational Efficiency with Best Management Practices

CIO Vendor The journey of Health Care Consulting Service (HCS) began with two people working on individual projects in Mumbai, on various verticals of hospitals and healthcare industry. In 2009-10, this freelance individual project involved – free GAP analysis aka ‘Hospital Health Checkup’. Therefore successfully executing these projects over a short period of time, they went ahead with commissioning of the hospitals/clinics, which included Delhi and Bangalore for MNC. Soon from one man team the company grew to couple of consultants to manage hospitals in Mumbai, and extended advisory services to few hospitals out side Mumbai and at present manages investors owned hospitals, franchisee models & chain of hospitals.

The Inception Story

Amit Sontakke, has come a long way from where it all started. Prior to establishing HCS, Amit was the Vice President at Alere, Inc., USA. During this particular phase, he got a global exposure in healthcare market and opportunity to meet healthcare professionals in Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, Taiwan, Malaysia and Paris to exchange ideas for business model validation. And previously has worked with various hospital groups like Manipal (Business Head), Reliance ADAG (GM) amongst others in a Senior management level.

Unfortunately, in 2012, Amit lost his mother, therefore overcoming with grief led to a sudden transformation in him. Quitting his job in 2013, he decided to help mid-size hospitals and entrepreneurs run hospitals effectively. This is when Amit got into full time consultancy segment and established HCS. More over, Amit’s 16 + years of experience and the knack of closing deals in the Healthcare Sector helped him attain a solid ground in his endeavor.

HCS based in Mumbai is at an expansion phase and is collaborating with US based University Hospital to share clinical expertise with their managed hospitals

Transforming Mid Size Setups to Multi specialty Hospitals

Since its operation in 2013, HCS has focused in creating a dashboard for hospital based on Key Performance Indicator (KPI). This includes operations GAP management, marketing & branding, strategies, media planning, establishment of clinical and non-clinical planning, helping hospitals with adequate and competent manpower & media equipment planning, quality bench marking. Lastly they provide least managing and integrating information technology to the processes, on an everyday basis. Altogether, HCS acts as an extended arm to these hospitals and aims to expand their infrastructure to a multi specialty scale.

HCS has collaborated with an IT companies to bring about a Hospital Information System (HIS), which helps hospitals to effectively manage their entire process. Hence forth, HCS is negotiating with these IT companies to make it cost effective, so, hospitals with lesser revenue can also afford their IT Administrators, thereby increasing their over all efficiency of the system.

Based in Mumbai, the company is at an expansion phase and plans to grow from managing few hospitals to 10-12 hospitals in each state across India. Also, they are in talks to collaborate with US based University Hospitals to share clinical expertise with their managed hospitals. As this will help hospitals adopt best clinical and management practices implementation. “We desire to create a ‘surgical & clinical pool of talent’ to be routed in all our managed hospitals to provide best of the best clinical expertise, even at the remote locations across rural India and our goal is to manage mid size hospitals to larger multi-specialty hospital. However, our long term aim in the next 5 years is to get into 10-30 cities and manage at least 1000-5000 beds. Also, we are entering UAE market to provide man power consultancy. Over all, we wish to consult the hospitals in various facets like operations, marketing, standard procedures, quality accreditations, setting up of departments and feasibility studies,” concludes Amit.