Access Healthcare: Transforming Revenue Cycle Management

CIO Vendor Access Healthcare (AH)began with just three employees, but now has grown to more than 7,000 in its seventh year. The company’s unwavering focus on revolutionizing revenue cycle management (RCM) processes has led to the development of many proprietary tools, including©- a cloud-based business process management technology that enables end-to-end business process governance and provides a set of tools to efficiently manage a company’s workforce.

The company was founded in 2011 when Shaji Ravi noticed that offshore revenue cycle management service providers were not revolutionizing the process with new technologies, and providedminimal value beyond employee cost reductions to their healthcare provider customers. Since then, AH has focused on applying analytics and automation to make revenue cycle processes more efficient, improving internal processes, cutting labor costs, and increasing output. This year, the company anticipates reaching a $100 million run-rate.

After Ravi gave wings to his entrepreneurial dreams, he recognized a significant opportunity in updating technological applications and end-to-end process ownership to unlock additional value for AH customers. Two years after founding the company, Ravi and his team brought on board Anurag Jain, a serial entrepreneur,to chair the company and infuse additional capital, along with his brother Vardhman Jain, a seasoned operations leader with 15 years of expertise in building and scaling companies, to acquire a majority stake in the company and be joint promoters.

Anurag Jain had founded a similar company in 1996 called Vision Health source. It was one of the first companies to focus on medical billing services to customers based in the U.S. And in 2003, Jain sold his company to Perot Systems, a global provider of IT and business process services, staying on with Perot Systems until 2011. When Dell acquired Perot Systems, Jain accepted the challenge to managean over all $3 billion service delivery model, giving him ample knowledge of the capabilities and possible futures for Access Healthcare.

Scalability, Automation,& Transparency

With Ravi’s and Jain’s shared vision, Access Healthcare expanded its scope from the initial focus on revenue cycle BPO for physician and hospital spaces, to application development, management and testing services for their client base. With headquarters in Chennai, India and Dallas,Texas, U.S. the company has a global footprint with offices in India, the United States and the Philippines.In addition to focusing on innovation through intellectual property, the company also heavily invests in people, processes and technologies to ensure profitability and competitive success.
For example, AH invests in rigorous training for billers and coders to enable a reduction in the number of audits and supervisors involved, and automatically updates with the latest in medical billing procedures.

Access Healthcare offers end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions to healthcare providers on a differentiated model that applies automation, infuses scalability to the customers processes by providing qualified resources on demand, and provides unprecedented transparency to all its stakeholders.

“We are on a path to improve the overall efficiency of Healthcare providers. As a dynamic Business Process Organization (BPO), our expertise lies in a solid understanding of the domain, coupled with the ability to hire, train and deploy high quality resources efficiently. While the combination of people, process and technology provides us a solid foundation, our real secret sauce lies in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), anchored by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies. Our unique solution-based approach elevates the customer’s revenue cycle KPIs to the next level,” says Anurag Jain, Chairman, Access Healthcare.

Robotic technological engineering is also quickly revolutionizing the BPO company in ways previously un imagined. For example, robotic intelligence enables billers to predict and adjudicate follow-up claims processes with payers in the system, based on their previous experiences. With complex algorithms and past data analytics, AH can reduce any unnecessary labor costs by predictive analysis determining when to follow up with the payers and prioritizing outreach.

“We are growing aggressively and are targeting new customers in the rapidly evolving healthcare RCM vertical segments.By the end of 2017, with our current growth rate and continued faith of our customers, we are expecting to have 10,000 employees, and this will include over 700 robotic process automation agent bots. Clearly, our business is predicated on enabling our customers to succeed and we need to continually innovate to make that happen,” Jain concludes.

Today Access Healthcare provides integrated healthcare business process and IT services. “Our process involves a systematic, solutions-focused approach to transition and transform our client’s revenue cycle management processes. We offer the full spectrum of services from the appointment and registration, to updating patient information,andobtaining optimal reimbursements for our healthcare provider clients. Since we provide our customers the ability to scale without a linear increase in costs, the healthcare providers can shift their focus back to the clinical aspect of providing quality care to patients, while we take care of getting them reimbursed. We value transparency. Not only do our employees get a clear view of their individual performance, but also our clients can check the status of their processes in real-time through our online client portal.,” Jain says.