25 Most Promising Cyber Security Consultants

With an increasing frequency of Cyber crimes – Hacking, Identity theft and online scams etc taking place around us, India Inc has never been more endangered. As India ambitiously moves forward towards the Digital age, the need for a safe and secure domain becomes more inevitable. The vulnerability that is attached with the edginess in Cyber security knows no bounds and has resultantly given rise to high demand for skilled and capable Cyber security consultants to deal with specific complications and end-to-end troubles of the industry. Analysts predict that a worldwide spending on Cyber security products and services is set to eclipse $1 trillion for the five-year period from 2017-2021, an anticipated growth rate of 12-15 percent year-on-year through 2021 and the Indian market is on pace to reach $1.12 billion in 2016 up by 10.6 percent.

And so many security providers are beginning to address all customer requirements by offering consultation, implementation and security outsourcing services. Enterprises have increased their security budgets to enhance their security program and it is not limited to large businesses alone with several SMEs creating space and enrolling their employees in Cyber security training programs. Initiatives such as detection & response approaches, data center security, identity governance & administration, mobile & cloud security governance, advance threat defense, application security, GRC are starting to come to the fore with equal emphasis not only on technology but also on people and process.

In this issue of Consultants Review magazine, we bring you the “25 Most Promising Cyber Security Consultants in India.” The list features some of the most renowned Cyber Security Consultants who ensure Customer data and Privacy is maintained and who strive to render State of the Art Security products and products that will leave an indelible mark in the market. The proposed list aims to aid companies and organizations to choose their strategic partner to uphold their reputation and sustain it without entertaining any risks. 

Company Name Description
Accolite Renders solutions for cyber risk & governance, application development &maintenance, risk based data protection and risk mitigation & compliance.
Anexgate Offering services like- WAN, network & web security; unified security gateway and vpn concentrator.
Arbor Networks Secures complex networks from DDoS attacks & advanced threats through solutions including DDoS protection, advanced threats, global traffic and network visibility.
Barracuda Networks Rendering strong heritage in security, application delivery, data protection, web filtering, anti-spam, antivirus, application security, NG firewalls, email encryption and cloud security.
Benelec Infotech Offers comprehensive Unified Threat Management Appliances, Internet Security Gateway Appliance, Security Audit Services and Strategic Support Agreement solutions.
CSPF Providing solutions for networking, security, storage, supervision, system integration and IT services.
Cyber Security Infotech Service provider for security operations, online reputation management, cyber forensics, search engine optimization and employee monitoring system.
CyberEye Offers Cyber security training services to Government orgs, Corporate, Professionals & Educational institutions
Data Resolve Rendering solutions for data loss prevention (DLP), device control, endpoint security, USB security, parental control and personal firewall.
Esperto Consultants Providing cyber security risk management solutions including vulnerability management, penetration testing, data sanitization and cyber advisory.
Foundation Futuristic Technologies Specializes in Digital crime scene response, Data mining solution, Cyber lab integration, Data recovery, Email investigations, etc.
FSecure Delivering high-end internet security, cloud services and security as a service through service providers.
IntiGrow Offering enterprise mobility management, professional services, web security, data security, managed security services (MSSP) and infrastructure & application security solutions.
ISecurion Technology Consulting Providing out-most service quality, innovation and research in the field of Information Security and Technology.
Lab Systems Offering digital forensics and information security services to clients across a broad spectrum of industries.
Metmox Delivers infrastructure solutions which includes IT security, wide area networking, data center management and cloud computing.
Mirox Cyber Security Rendering enterprise mobility management, professional services, web security, data security, managed security services (MSSP) and infrastructure & application security solutions.
Netanalytiks Enables businesses to develop the right information security strategy by catering areas like IAM (Identity and Access Management), threat management and data security.
Network Intelligence Providing application security, mobile security testing, SCADA & ICS assessment, source code review, network audit, wireless auditing and DDOS simulation services.
Qualys Offering suite packages for asset discovery, network security, threat protection, compliance monitoring, web application security.
Secude Solutions Specializing in SAP security secure login, SNC, IDM, SSC SAP ERM consulting.
SecurEyes Rendering risk management, application security auditing, network VA-PT, source code review and other specialized information security consulting.
Skillcube Delivering cyber security skill development services including industry readiness boot camp, faculty development program, training & certifications and simulations.
Skynet Secure Solutions Offering complete Information Security Audits services and also digital forensics, Cyber Crime Investigations services. Providing International & Govt. Certifications under IT Security field. All under one roof service provider.
Sytech Labs Provides Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration testing, Cyber crime & Digital , IT security & corporate training.
Wissen India Supports all international companies to start, comply and audit their businesses