CyberEye: Driving towards a Safe and Secure Cyber Space

CIO Vendor The cyber space that we embrace in today’s digital age is vulnerable to a wide range of risks stemming from cyber threats. Every IT professional worth his salt stands by the words that ‘Cyber attack is a matter of when’ and not a matter of ‘if’. Malware, Spoofing, Phishing, Click jacking, Denial of service attacks are some of the threats encircling the cyber industry. With customers’ and brands’ reputation at stake, it is imperative to possess knowledgeable personnel who can assess and act at times of distress, and that is where CyberEye plays its part pertaining to training people in accordance with Cyber security Advancements, compliances and best practices to be taken.

CyberEye was established in 2015 by Ram Ganesh, Tarun Krishna and Rahul with an intention to build a strong base of skilled professionals with the ability to deal primarily with Cyber attacks, a shortage that is well documented in the country. Ram Ganesh, Co-Founder, CyberEye says “Though we envisioned ourselves as an R&D organization, we realized that there is acute shortage of skills available in the country in terms of Cyber security. To address this in a short span of time ensuring quality and at scale, we are making use of an adaptive learning platform to train and assess professionally in terms of skill development in Cyber Security. In this regard, CyberEye has been developing Virtual Labs and high quality content to build skilled workforce for Governments and businesses.” CyberEye has invested nearly two years in developing and training Government agencies and other high-profile investigation organizations like ISRO, DRDO, CBI, NIA and the Indian Army on a one-on-one basis. The firm has also served the Hyderabad & Himachal Pradesh State Police
The firm is ably supported by iB Hubs, a PAN India startup hub, under which it operates with a lot of freedom and has successfully managed to mitigate the challenge of continuity faced by organizations, resulting in long-term security measures being implemented. The training services offered by CyberEye aren’t restricted to top Government organizations alone; CyberEye caters to the corporate sector also, which is inadequately staffed. CyberEye also conducts customized workshops and stages adaptive learning experiences to build highly productive and efficient teams. Additionally, CyberEye provides Cyber security training to Students & professionals, educational institutions and fellow trainers to inspire and make a difference in the world we live in. Cyber Security Proficiency Certification program with competency based learning, micro-level assessment, Cognitive Data Analysis are some of the features in programs run by CyberEye.

Industry experts may prefer calling CyberEye the ‘New kid on the block’, but the fact of the matter is the two year old company has already made huge strides in the cyber security training sector which has helped the company stay ahead of their peers by a long mile. To show for the progress made in this short span of time, CyberEye has associated with Ernst & Young, Tech Mahindra and C R Rao Advance Institute of Mathematics, Institute of Public Enterprise, Engineering Staff College of India, CyberEye is also a member of the Data Security Council of India and Cyber Security Task Force set up by NASSCOM & DSCI. Being an SIG member of NASSCOM on Cyber Security, CyberEye played a key role in developing curriculum for Security Analyst job role aligned with National Skills Qualification Framework and many universities across India already adopted the curriculum in their academics. In this regard, it has also been training master trainers from major universities across India. With a large talent pool of 150 dedicated people under the group it operates in, substantial number of them from the reputed IITs and organizations like Amazon, Intel, Qualcomm, HP etc., CyberEye is helping Start-ups and MSEs to find and train right individuals for their cyber security requirements. CyberEye which is proud of its exclusivity aspires to build innovative technologies in coming years and hopes tobuild a sustainable collaborative ecosystem between government, industry and academia for India to be a leader in Cyber Security.