Sytech Labs: Prioritizing Data Security in the Digital Age

CIO Vendor Ever since Tim Berners-Lee introduced the World Wide Web to the world, we’ve been propelled into the Internet age. Governance, which in the past largely involved manual documentation, is no longer untouched by digitization. As we tread further into E-governance becoming more commonplace, the risk for cyber criminals to target the classified information has also doubled. Hence the need of the hour is a dependable Cyber Security consultant to manage and monitor the Cyber space. And Sytech Labs is one such consultant which has chosen to walk this path.

Sandeep Mudalkar, Founder & CEO, Sytech Labs speaking on the motivation behind setting up the Cyber Security firm says, “My prior experience with the Ahmadabad police inspired me to establish Sytech Labs in 2014. I want to help citizens and the government alike in solving problems and spread awareness about fighting against cyber crimes”. And true to these words, Sytech Labs provides business solutions to its clients in terms of training, systems integration, consulting, outsourcing, application development, and networking. The challenges though were aplenty to execute the said tasks as Cyber crime experts were scarce in number. The new organization had to over come a commonplace shortage of experienced and qualified information security professionals who were skilled enough to tackle the growing risks of cyber attack.

In little more than three years, Sytech has managed to assemble an able cast and address these concerns with the assured air of a veteran. The firm show cases several security features in their service line viz.
Cyber Crime Investigation & Consulting, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VA/PT), IT Security Consulting & Auditing, Web Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Network Solutions etc. Additionally the firm prides it self for the Corporate Security training seminars & workshops it conducts to enhance the knowledge base around Cyber security. Sytech tutors Ethical Hacking & IT security and runs certified courses on Forensic expert, Information security expert, Cyber Law, Network & Security penetration testing to engineering students all over the country. The firm has carried out training program for Indian Army on Social Engineering & Identity Theft, Security on Social Networking Sites, Information Security & Legal Compliance.

The firm prides itself for the Corporate Security training seminars & workshops it conducts to enhance the knowledge base around Cyber security

The Hyderabad based firm also collaborates with government agencies like CBI, CID, IB and others to assist in investigation and provide security parameters based on technology. So far Sytech has helped solve and secure critical cases encompassing Defacements and Pharming in monetary transactions, Credit & Debit Card cloning, Cyber Stalking, Data Integrity manipulation, Phishing, Email Hacks, Denial-of-service (DoS), Programming flaws, Spoofing attacks, Virus & Worms in Networks, Website Hacks, Leakage of private information on blogs etc. In the years to come Sytech hopes to continue its prioritization of VA/PT & SEO projects and establish policies to safe guard sensitive data and protect client resources. “We plan to tie-up with various other State governments to secure flawed systems and also focus on the booming M-Commerce & E-Commerce industries,” adds Sandeep. The organization is now marching towards becoming one of India’s premier Cyber Security experts with presence all ocross the country.