Lab Systems: Empowering Cloud Forensic Sector by Mitigating E-Discovery Frauds

CIO Vendor Cloud computing has been a game changing technology, and with its rise, the problem with scale for digital forensics has been exacerbated. Owing to being in its nascent stage, there are not many organizations in the market that investigate and offer solutions to cloud issues. Never the less, most of the times, organizational needs for digital forensic capabilities differs, resulting each organization to consider a practical readiness level that caters to their needs. Founded in 1989, Lab System is one such organization that came forward to mitigate the risk that has been on a rise. Established as a technology service provider to industry, academics, research and forensic science labs; today, Lab System is dedicated to provide digital investigation solutions to organizations.

Experience in various industry verticals coupled with a deep understanding of the technology/tools/methods has enabled this Mumbai headquartered firm to help organizations with their digital fraud investigation needs. “We have recognized divisions and spaces, which utilize Public/Private cloud broadly and are vulnerable to frauds. While consulting such organizations we adapt to a three level approach; Analyse, Prevent and Investigate. Through breaking down their IT landscape & infrastructure, we offer restorative activities to avert fraud and research the fraud if not averted,” expounds Venkatesan Subramanian, MD, Lab Systems.

However, perceiving the necessity of proper cyber fraud-tacking manoeuvre, Lab Sytems brings into table a set of well-tuned products and solutions with their partners like Guidance Software, Magnet Forensics, Grab Data and other digital forensic organisations. Lab System’s offering includes EnCase Enterpises, EnCase Forensics, EnCase Portable, Tableau Forensics, EnCase e-Discovery and EnCase cyberSecurity (Guidance Softwares); Oxygen, Cell Brite, EnCase V7 (Mobile Forensics) and Internet Evidence Finder, Encrypted Disk Detector (Mobile Forensics) and Internet Evidence Finder, Encrypted Disk Detector, Nuix, Passware.
Apart from these, the firm brings into the arena three unique products myFRT, Mobensic-(Android Mobile Forensic Tool) and Grab Financial..“We provide a number of different digital forensics services and e-Discovery services to meet our client’s digital forensics needs. We also offer services in Custom Digital Forensic Training, Computer Forensics Investigations and Lost Data Recovery and strive to provide them with the best ways to protect their business, property, employees and customers,” adds Yogendra Yadav, Vice President- Head of the Services, who has more than 15 years of association with Lab Systems. The firm ensures the robustness and suitability of services by offering tailored tools and solutions for various sectors that includes Insurance, Pharma / Biotech, Banking / Finance, Retail / Logistics, IT Security Audit, Cloud Forensics, Mobile Forensics, Mac Forensics, etc.

Lab Systems has branched into supporting the technology needs of modern forensic labs and delivers services in digital forensics both in India and overseas

With more than two decades of industry experience in the sector, Lab Systems has branched into exclusively supporting the technology needs of modern forensic labs and delivers unbiased services in digital forensics both in India and overseas. The firm also adapts to dedicated training program to address various aspects in a fraud investigation and focus on helping the students to have a structured yet creative approach to fraud investigations.

With a vision to provide organizations with tools and services that will enable them to offer a safe and secure digital environment to their customer & employees, the firm is all set to mitigate and griddle cyber frauds in the upcoming years. “Five years from now we wish to be the most preferred service provider for E-Discovery and amongst the Top 4 E Discovery products and services companies in the areas of Digital Forensic & Cyber Security,” Venkatesan concludes.