25 Most Promising GIS Consultants

Though an unknown entity in most parts of the country, the global GIS market evaluation currently stands at $7612.9 million and is expected to double up by 2020 at an estimated growth rate of 11.4 percent. The increasing urbanization, in addition to the growth of enterprise GIS in developing countries, has boosted the demand of GIS during the forecast period. Owing to the development of initiatives such as Smart cities and Digital India, the use of GIS is witnessing rapid growth in building surveillance application India. According to Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc (ESRI), there is an upsurge in the adoption of GIS technology in the private as well as in the Government sector. The investment in homeland security, real estate and urban development has been immense in recent years and has resulted in substantiating opportunity for leveraging the technology. However, in India development is being steered by recognition of the value of geospatial information for decision support in the public sector and market development in the private sector. It is used in a variety of applications, in combination with demographic data, in areas such as resource management, town planning, urban and rural infrastructure development. Many industry verticals such as aerospace & defense, oil & gas exploration, transportation & logistics, engineering & business services, etc. have amped up their dependency on GIS, hence the scope for quality GIS firms to deliver accurate market forecast & analysis, proficient business intelligence, surveying  services, remote sensing, power utilities and engineering services is high.

Perceiving this, the current edition of Consultants Review brings you the “25 Most Promising GIS Consultants.” The list features some of the most unparalleled GIS Consultants in the industry who are capable of bringing in the optimal solutions for the GIS demands and have shown their worth by delivering customized solutions and products. The proposed list envisages aiding organizations to choose the felicitous solution partner, who suits their manifested requirements and helping them to thrive towards excellence.

Company Name Description
AeroTerra Geomatics Offering geospatial projects in areas of photogrammetry, 3d modelling, orthophoto, geospatial mapping, etc.
Arianrhod GeoSpatial Solutions Providing geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing (RS), global positioning system (GPS), land& engineering surveying, etc.
Aum Techmantra Specializing GIS, lidar, remote sensing, web mapping, surveying, topographic & aerial survey, CAD/CAM, management, sales and strategic planning.
Buannel Geo Solution Services Providing GIS related products and services like remote sensing software, photogrammetry, surveillance, DGPS etc.
Capstone Geo Consultants Delivering geo - technical engineering and remote sensing & GIS services.
CES Technology Specializing in geospatial analysis and remote sensing services.
Clove Technologies Provider of CAD, geographical information services (GIS), land mappings, marine charting, etc.
Dazeworks Offering integration with Salesforce.com and migration to Force.com as well as Salesforce.com services such as setup, dedicated administrators, customisation, data, integration and support service.
Geomaticx Scientific Technology Services A GIS-remote sensing-GPS survey-web development based company.
Gurdev Consultancy Services Group Provider of Digital topographical survey, digital mapping, GIS , digital cartography, digital photometry, remote sensing and geodesy services.
Hardcastle GIS Solutions Specializing GIS, remote sensing, photogrammetry, GIS application development, GIS software and open source GIS development services.
Hexagon Geospatial Offering GIS, remote sensing, geospatial technology, data catalog & compression, mobile mapping, web GIS, photogrammetry services.
Intec InfraTechnologies Specializing in offering technology services and solutions to the AECO, utilities and infrastructure industry.
Karyon Consultancy And Solutions Provides range of services including remote sensing, geographical information system, engineering design, IT infrastructure, research and analysis.
MagikMinds Offering advanced solutions and services for asset management and utility network in open source GIS, advanced web and mobile applications.
Marvel Geospatial Solutions A geospatial, architectural & engineering company, providing CAD/BIM/GIS/Lidar/ Laser scan modelling services.
Multimind Creations Offering GIS, remote sensing, survey, lidar services accross various domains.
NeST Information Technologies Offering various software application solutions services to the deployment of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology in various domains.
Opsis System Specializing in mobile integraed GIS application, web GIS, GIS & RS projects, etc.
Prinav GIS Technologies Rendering remote sensing, GIS, surveying, mapping & engineering services to government departments & corporate sectors.
Ridings Consulting Engineers Providing GIS mapping & geospatial data generation, digital mapping conversion, georeferencing, GIS documentation and training services.
SBL India Offering GIS services & remote sensing, photogrammetry services, UAV data analysis services, LiDAR data analysis services, BIM and web GIS application
SkyGroup Specializing in 3D-GIS, BIM/CAD, cartography, lidar, photogrammetry, business analytics and software development services.
Sysglob Software Solutions Provider of GIS, aerial imagery processing, web GIS application development, GIS / digital survey training, etc.
USoft Technologies Offering GIS software development, surveying, digitization of maps / images, GPS surveys, etc.