Prinav GIS Technologies: Quality GIS Services Offered with Sustainable Competitive Advantage

CIO Vendor The founding story of Prinav GIS Technologies, a provider of remote sensing, GIS, surveying, mapping & engineering services, is rare story of seeing entrepreneurial opportunity & personality against odds with sustained efforts by women entrepreneur. It is a story of one of motivation and audacity. Arati Kharwadkar, CEO, witnessed the large scale migration of qualified people particularly with Engineering background from UP state to other parts of India in search of better job opportunities. Due to this migration and lack of suitable infrastructure, the concentration of services and facilities, such as in education, health and technology were also limited to the southern and western parts of India. Realising the lack of interest of established GIS companies in the UP and similar northern state , Arati who is born and educated in Maharashtra grasped the opportunity and made up her mind to start her own venture with an aim to provide opportunities to new engineers reduce migration and provide best GIS services to people at a cost advantage . In 2010, Arati along with her husband Prasad Kharwadkar founded Prinav GIS Technologies.

Arati says, “Like any other start up in the country, we also faced the challenge of proving ourselves. As the government sector was our major client, the main problem was convincing the senior government officials about the credibility of the company. People doubted whether a company established in a small city would deliver the same quality solutions what other companies of big cities offer.” Though it was not an easy task for the founders, yet they managed to race ahead with constant hard work and devotion. The company also undertook various GIS projects of the irrigation, GIS projects for Ganges, Uttar Pradesh Electricity Corporation, and offered free pilot services for a part of the project which became a platform for Prinav to prove its right talent and attitude.

“Prinav not only provides excellent services to its clients with sustainable competitive advantage, but also establishes and maintains long term relationship with them”

Backed with a skilled team of retired competent like minded government officials, experienced professionals and young recruits, the company offers a wide array of services in areas of power, railways, urban and rural planning and water resource management. The company has firmly laid its foundation in the Power sector by doing pioneering projects mapping of electric lines, asset mapping , and consumer indexing services. Recently, the company has completed projects for RECPDCL in various states and also under took projects for NER, NCR, RVNL and WCR by using latest techniques for Railways. Apart from this, it is also carrying out road asset mapping for rural road development and catering to Jal Nigam of UP and also in some parts of Bihar. Recently Prinav has been awarded to do a project for asset mapping for Ministry of Defence which adds to the creditability of the company and has proved its competence.

Over the years Prinav has emerged as a key player in the industry and assures best services by maintaining reliability in terms of quality, cost effectiveness and completion of work in scheduled time framework. The company not only provides excellent services to its clients, but also establishes and maintains long term relationship with them. Further, Prasad adds, “We work with our customers by being an integral part of their organization. We understand the intricacies of managing a growing business and are committed to ongoing self-scrutiny in our effort to maximize excellence.” Recently, the company has added a new service to its vertical- subsurface engineering for underground GIS mapping techniques and also opened offices in Delhi as well as Mumbai. Currently, it is in negotiation with a UK based firm for association of rail and metros surveys. Headquartered in Kanpur, the journey of Prinav has been positive so far and it aims to focus on private organisations and larger firms in the years to come.