25 Most Promising Mergers and Acquisitions Consultants

Introducing new products, investing in innovation are the marks of a growing firm. With a cut throat competition it is not feasible to survive as a single working unit. A more cost effective way to grow would be to merge or acquire other businesses. Accordingly the process of M&A plays a vital role in the growth of an industry. It has long been practised, and One plus One equal’s three forms the ultimate motive behind it. Two competing businesses could be more profitable when merged, or can expand their market when partnered with their smaller counter parts.

Favourable economic conditions such as escalation in GDP and macroeconomic policy form a firm footing to favour M&A. In the present scenario India is one of the fastest growing countries, and booming from the economical front. Merger & Acquisition (M&A) deals involving Indian companies increased to 82 percent in the first half of 2016 at $27 billion the highest in the first six months in any year since 2011.And proportionately the demand for best consultants of M&A has also increased.

The concept of M&A yields a number of benefits such as tax gains and reduced cost of capital. However there are a few side effects to be considered such as Loss of experienced candidates and uncertainness regarding the stocks. Hence seizing the right deal is important for companies involved. The process is long and has a number of stages. Thus organizations require choosing consultancies that fits best to the needs of a company, requires a lot of thought.

Therefore, identifying the problems of the industry and to make the job of choosing easy, Consultants Review brings you to the “25 Most Promising Merger and Acquisition Consultants”. It is a distinctive panel comprising of CIOs, Industry Analysts, and M&A experts;  editorial board have handpicked the companies who have renewable energy resources and services tailored to the needs of the industry. The list intends to help you choose the best suited consultants who can contribute to your organization’s growth and help your organization to provide better services to masses. 

Company Name Description
Alcor Mergers And Acquisition Leading player in M&A, investments, joint ventures’ in India and its segment
Avendus Well known provider of financial services that relies on extensive experience
 Equirus Impeccable credentials that has helped them to create a niche for itself in the M&A business
 PwC A one stop solution for domestic and cross border solutions
Bain Company Four-decade track record of helping to transform companies into sharper, smarter, better versions.
Connvero Consulting Services Dynamic consulting and market research firm that excels at extracting the full market potential from the leading companies
Cornerstone India  Member of the esteemed AESC network they deliver with executive skills
Corperate Actions Concrete Solutions Preventive Mechanism and not post mortem exercise as a motto they focus on providing the best
Corporate Finance Associates Ability to identify and engage the correct parties they provide critical support in all aspects of M&A
CRISIL Global analytical company driven by its mission of making markets function better.
EMarketz India Young company providing 360 degree assistance in financial matters.
Franchise India Brand Handeled by professionals with experience they provide innovative solutions.
IMAP BARCELONA A world leader in global acquisations they deliver exceptional value to clients
Kanth Associates Known for integrity, efficiency, mutual trust they aim to provide efficient services
Khimji Kunverji Co Trust in quality of service and client relations as goodwill they have over 75 years of experience
LEK Proven track record of providing comphrehensive range of assistance
Mazars  International, integrated and independent organisation, specialising in audit, accountancy, tax, legal and advisory services
Mercer Passionate team who forsee a mission to help clients to utmost possibility.
Milliman Delivers market-leading services and solutions worldwide
Natio Cultus Consulting Global strategy consulting company, counseling the clients on their key strategic issues
Neptune Consultants Resarch as a core function they provide assistance for M&A
OneStop Project Management India LLP Customer centric company it helps clients meet challenges of present and future
PK Chopra  Company Listed one of the Independent Reputed Old Firms by The Accountant and granted Peer Review Certificate by the ICAI it is one of the oldest and established firms 
RN Marwah Co LLP Full service practice firm bridging a gap between Foreign & Indian industries
RRA Co 'Quality as a Priority they envision to nurture a professional firm aiding to needs of clients.