Connvero Consulting Services: Comprehensive Business Support

CIO Vendor Merging with a competitor is an excellent way to improve a company's position in the marketplace as it reduces competition and allows the combined firm to use its resources more effectively. Although it has various advantages, yet merging and acquiring is prone to a lot of risks. In many cases even though the CEO and the Board of Directors are honestly motivated to merge or acquire another corporation to improve the company's financial position in some way, things often do not work out as intended and leads to unwanted circumstances.

Connvero Consulting Services was established in March 2015 with a motive to impart knowledge and to educate the businesses in India about establishing and enhancing business opportunities in International Markets, Headquartered in Gurgaon, the firm’s primary focus was on developing an online based platform/forum through which all the aspects of export/s could be clustered reducing the time, efforts and cost incurred previously by the organizations.

“We are a dynamic consulting and market research firm that excels at extracting the full market potential from the brands of the world’s leading companies. We further create platform for our clients to communicate with the international market audiences, providing services from evaluation of the company to its joint venture, FDI and mergers. Our services span across Delhi NCR, Punjab Rajasthan, UP, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu”, avers Arun Kumar Krishnan, Managing Director, Connvero Consulting Services.

Sailing against the Wind

The roller coaster ride of Connvero, as Arun explicates, dates back to 2015 when the team started off with almost no revenue in hand; only a concept based on a unique idea.
With probably no to very minimal references, they designed a program in six months. However, when the program was specifically designed, there were constraints about its acceptance in the market. Finally, after nine months, without any source of revenue, team Connvero started selling the program to few clients in Delhi. “The turnaround came during March 2016, when we re-modeled our program and also came with a successful online platform that enrolled almost 93 clients in the month itself,” avers Arun.

Over the past year, Connvero has offered various services under a common digital platform reducing the efforts and cost considerably.

Over the past year, Connvero has offered various services under one common platform and almost all the services are being offered digitally which enables the clients to reduce 70 percent of the efforts and costs pertaining to International Marketing & Exports. “We are proud to offer numerous such services which no other organization in India is offering, such as Export Readiness Evaluation, Trade Show Representation etc. Furthermore, all of these services are offered as a package which further simplifies the whole process for our clients. The costs at which we deliver these are a fraction as compared to what our clients have been spending previously”, he adds.

All through the past year, Connvero’s growth has been phenomenal, considering that they have almost acquired 700 clients in short span of 10-11 months and almost 75 percent of these have been since April 2016 indicating a major increase in their market share.“We are a company that values individuals and teamwork, where people care about each other and share their knowledge freely. We have also been working on similar program with a completely digitalized methodology to promote businesses in International Markets and with the launch of our program World Export Zone we hope to enhance the presence in 6 countries by the end of 2017”, concludes Arun.