Alcor Mergers and Acquisition: Dynamic Implementation, Exceptional Results

CIO Vendor Globalization has enabled the smooth flow of capital across the economies and its increased competition has prompted the Indian companies to go for the concept of mergers and acquisitions as an important strategic choice. Quick enough to sense and support such entrepreneurs’needs, Alcor M&A India came into existence. The firm since then caters its services across the continents to enable companies from developed nations to enter in developing economies through JVs, Mergers, Acquisitions and through green field projects. “We at Alcor M&A India domestically combine astrong relationship between domestic banks, domestic financial institutions, and other investor networks, with in-depth deal structuring skills, superior end-to-end execution capabilities, meticulous research, rich transaction experience and a network of global partnerships to help our clients close a variety of strategic and financial transactions. Our goal is to become the number one investment banking firm with a focus on ‘cross-border’ transactions in the world”, proudly avers George Molakal, CEO, Alcor Fund, managing the portfolio ALCOR Mergers and Acquisitions.

Alcor today is a leading player in investments, joint ventures’ in India and its segment.But the success did not come easy; they had to undergo various cultural, operational, executions and communication challenges. Over the years, team Alcor has carved a niche for itself in the market with the help of an expert team which excels in providing the best solutions of the world. “Our role is to convince the entrepreneurs for right and faster way of inorganic growth. We at Alcor M&A India, believe in offering customized growth solutions to the entrepreneurs across the manufacturing and service segment throughout India, North America, and Europe”, adds George.

“Alcor’s team of seasoned professionals provides successful execution of inorganic growth plan of organizations and helps them enter a new market and raise fresh capital”

Alcor would not have reached this success without its great people and strong teamwork. The team of seasoned professionals at Alcor provides successful execution of inorganic growth plan of organizations and helps them enter a new market and raise fresh capital. More over, the firm facilitates services under M&A Advisory Joint Venture Advisory, Strategic Alliances, Management Buyouts, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Corporate Advisory and provides short and medium term funding solutions. “We have helped 50,000 global corporations looking to do business in India in various verticals to gain access to more than 1500 global funds,3000 investors. This is also coupled with Alcor’s own Buyout Fund operating from North America. We assure them quality services from a team which understands their business model and uniquely combines industry and financial expertise to deliver the best solution to them,” he adds.

Enroute to Success

Globalization has helped major OEM’s of the world to enter the Indian market and start their manufacturing units here to capitalize Indian low cost and high growth market. This has been a huge opportunity for Indian businesses to cater the growing market of these OEM as well as to utilize the export opportunity from India. There still exists a void pertaining to right technology, growth capital, high caliber human resources and global marketing presence. Alcor has practically understood these pain points of Indian SMEs as well as North American and European companies and offers indispensable solutions to provide faster growth relating to new products, technologies, vertical and markets. With such unique concept,the firm has rendered its helping hand to more than50 SMEs and further aims to create a history in structuring the largest number of ‘cross-border’ transactions in a year.