25 Most Promising GRC Consultants

The old ways of implementing security and compliance mandates are no longer acceptable and the risk of high profile breaches has never been greater! Establishing a GRC program within an organization is not a simple task and it’s also not a new concept. Companies have been focused on improving compliance and managing risk for years. Since GRC programs have many moving parts, organizations are looking forward to implementing an overarching vision of how things fit together to maximize value. However, with increased pressure on budgets, fewer resources and increasingly frequent audits, organizations today, are in need to find new ways to close security loopholes and reduce the window of vulnerability, speed remediation, and reduce the time and effort required to remain compliant. To add to the difficulty, the environments they manage are often widely distributed and subject to multiple regulatory requirements and internal audit requirements and must adapt to changing business needs.

To achieve this, a siloed approach towards GRC sector with well-structured and visible risk reporting frameworks which can improve accountability and communication should be implemented. One of the key GRC challenges that organizations face today is gaining a consolidated view of risk, compliance and internal controls across the enterprise. This is when the role of a GRC consultant is inevitable, these consultants not only help the vulnerable companies to detect risks well in advance, but also provide effective and expert solutions to reduce costs, strengthen decision-making capabilities and improve business performance. Moreover, a strong GRC discipline can enable them to integrate inefficient and isolated programs, processes and systems into effective and efficient enterprise-wide, risk-based internal control structures.

The current edition of Consultants Review brings to you “25 most Promising GRC Consultants in India”. The list accentuates some of the most outstanding GRC consultants in the industry who are capable of leading their clients towards excellence by supporting them beyond advisory level. The proposed list aims to help entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to choose the felicitous consulting partner who suits their specific requirements and help them gain efficiency.

Company Name Description
AmEx Insurance Brokers Offering risk management, claims management, pricing negotiations, gap analysis and risk consulting and employee benefits services.
Atlas Systems Providing solutions in the areas of technology procurement, GRC and compliance solutions
Axis Risk Consulting A risk and compliance firm offering governance and risk consulting services to clients across vertices.
BizCarta Offering cyber security consulting services.
Clonect Solutions Focusing on products in the area of enterprise governance, risk Management and compliance management (GRC) and solutions.
ControlCase Helping organizations to manage governance, risk management and compliance related to IT operations.
Etrends Technologies Providing GRC Solutions for Governance, Risk and Compliance Management.
Finteglaw Providing Unique Technology Solutions for Regulatory Compliance and Board Governance.
LexCare Global Consultants Offering legal compliance, compliance solution, compliance audits for companies in various domains.
Lexplasion Sloutions Provider of platform-driven legal governance, risk and compliance management system.
MakroCare Offering development strategy, regulatory/risk planning & management services in the medical sector.
Marsh India Insurance Brokers Delivering industry-specific solutions for insurance broking and risk management.
Oxygen Consulting Services Providing in the field of information security, IS audit, IT governance, risk management & compliance.
PAMAC Finserve Offering fraud & risk control services accorss differnt sectors.
Prudent Insurance Brokers Specializing in the areas of insurance broking services, policy placement and portfolio management services.
Quadwave Consulting Offering Sotware consulting and solutions, compliance solutions, eGoverance solutions and risk managment solutions.
RiSiKo Consulting Specializing in risk management, turnaround strategies and scaling‐up family managed businesses.
Sparrow Risk Management Catering to electrical, fire, thermography, process risk management, engineering and other related EHS services.
Sumati Legal Services An integrated IT enabled Services company focused on the legal, compliance & information management (LCIM) services.
Tickmarks Providing services in all aspects of audit, accounting, compliance, security, governance and risk management.
TSS Consultancy Providing cost effective and efficient compliance solutions to the financial industry.
V3C3E3 Consulting Group Providing solutions in the fields of IT governance, risk management, management consultancy, HR, etc.
Vantage Insurance Brokers Specializing in corporate health risk management, risk consulting & insurance broking and other lines of insurance.
Verint System India Offering customer engagement optimization, security intelligence and fraud and compliance managment solutions.
Vistra ITCL Offering fiduciary and monitory services to infrastructure and financial services sector, industry, governments, funds, families and high net worth individuals.