TSS Consultancy: Reducing Risks with Integrated Compliance Solutions

CIO Vendor In 2008,some big names in the global financial sector witnessed major economic downturn questioning the soundness of the world’s financial systems. Over the last few years, incidents of corporate scandals, cases of fraud, corruption and other legal violations have led to many legal cases, loss of reputation and damage claims. Due to the continuous illegal incidents in the sector, governments around the world decided to protect the consumers against such incidents with the adoption of regulatory methods of compliance or GRC. But one major pitfall of GRC was the lack of understanding and confusion about the laws and regulations. Many large organisations at that time realised the value of developing a holistic view towards risk and compliance through the use of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions. TSS Consultancy is one of the fastest growing technology solution providers for the financial industry that help organizations in getting complete control of crucial compliance related areas.

Headquartered in Mumbai, TSS offers a gamut of services and solutions like Anti Money Laundering Solution, Insider Trading Regulations Solution, Franchisee Management Solution (Intermediary), Document Management System (DMS), Business Process Management (BPM) and Research Analyst Compliance Solution under its product suite brand-TrackWizz. Being a comprehensive AML and surveillance suite, TrackWizz is a consolidated Platform for equity, derivatives and depository segment which provides end to end solutions. Along with that, the TrackWizz AML Compliance programme has been successfully implemented across both small and big institutions.
Sameer Tanna, Director, TSS Consultancy, further explains, "Our document management solution is a combination of a robust system and the right advisory. We believe it is extremely important to get the basics right, which is to understand the business needs and help come with up with the right structure, index and process flow for any given document."

TSS carries the experience of having served many multinational banks and leading financial institutions with its robust and cost effective compliance solutions.

To keep track of the employee's dealings, TrackWizz renders ETT (Employee Trade Tracker) Solutions which assists in employee trade compliances by cross checking the declared employee trade/ holdings with the Trading/depository system. The implementation of ETT by the largest stock exchange of India in 2012 clearly defines its higher productivity and better market performance.

“What differentiates TSS Consultancy is its policy of ‘Just Keep Upgrading’ which drives us to bring out a new version every 3-6 months which clients can opt at no additional cost. We help our clients in helping them with their compliance policy and also re engineers their process and also makes them aware of the best practices.” says Sagar Tanna, Director and Head of Sales, TSS Consultancy.

So far, TSS has been a one stop shop solution provider for all compliance needs and has delivered integrated compliance solutions to its clients. TSS carries the experience of having served many multinational banks and leading financial institutions with its robust and cost effective compliance solutions. Even though the company has grown exponentially, it has new offering in the coming years- FACTA CRS Compliance Solution and a Customer on boarding platform with CDD review and risk review capabilities along with EKYC (UIDAI) integration. Over the years, the company has gained immense popularity and has been a leader in capital market compliance and continues to promote and enable stronger governance and better compliance across businesses.