Finteglaw: Technology Driven Compliance and Legal Solutions

CIO Vendor Determine the enterprise value of a company is not an easy task, but it’s the most important parameter in evaluating the efficacy of the management in enhancing shareholder’s wealth. Good GRC system and process insulate the enterprise from value degeneration and dramatically improve its fund raising capabilities. The coined word ‘FIN-TEG-LAW’ denotes the theme that finance is inseparably integrated with law and compliance. Having spent more than 33 years in the highly regulated financial service industry, Suresh Viswanthanan has been recognised an authority on the ‘GRC more to corporate resource mobilisation. Thoughout his illustrious career. he has helped several organisations realize their true valuation by redefining their Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Internal control processes . suresh founded finteglaw in 2008 with a view to provide a wide spectrum of knowledge based solutions . Today the company helps its corporate clients comply with their all their GRC obligatious though technology solution. Finteglaw’s affiliance firms SVVS & Associares Company Secretaries LLP offer Audit and Representation (before vario Tribunals) under the same umbrage. Besides these. Finteglaw also assits mid size firms on projects finance and mobilising funds for de-stressing financial assets.

Armed with nearly 200 man year of experience in the legal compliance, risk and finance portfolios, finteglaw enable its cutomers to focus on thiers core business activity by providing technology enabled solutions and service for theirs day-to-day operations. Suresh states,“ Living upto tagline Governance Powered by Technology, Finteglaw’s flagship eGavel products completely integrates GRC with business processes so that GRC does not become a burden; and eCorpora Solution empower entrepreneurs to effectively focus on theirs business rather than spending their precious time on corporate compliance and maintences of statutory records’All these solutions usher in the Boards and the top management.

Finteglaw is a one stop shop for many corporate bodies, banks, financial institutions, merchant, bankers, foreign entities, and industrialists

Finteglaw‘s eGavel ERP is a complete ERP system , enabaling large corporations effectively monitor and control theirs entires GRC processes. This software encompasses compliance with over 300 Law
in India and its continues to grow. It is also capable of monitoring various risk mitigation parameters and other internal processes. eGavel Board is state-of–the-art technology platforms that automates the entire processes relating to the Board Governance including video conferencing and is fully compliant with the Companies Act 2013 and the Secretrial Standards for Boards Meetings. A cloud based version of this software is also available for SMEs. eGravel Audit is a cloud based solutions for real time Secretarial and Compliance platform tailor made for SMFs in India. eCorpora e-Law is an outsourcing solution for compliance with all corporate e-Law is an outsourcing solutions for compliance with all corporate laws, where Finteglaw undertakes advisory and execution service and the provides a virtual back office on cloud for the clients. All these products and services provides comfort to the top managements in general and the Board of Directors in particulars that they are insulated against the stringent. Penal provisions of various law. eCorpora d- Room is an low cost virtual Data Room Created for mid size entities that can used for due diligence and other purpose.

Today, Finteglaw is a GRC supermarket for many large and midsize corporate bodies in diverse sectors including financial service shipping. Infrastructure and company has a presence in Delhi. Hyderabad and Chennai through its Associates CS L.L.P. Finteglaw looks forwards to becoming a dominant player in the GRC Process outsourcing space.