Vistra ITCL: Delivering Indepenedent Advice and Innovation Solutions in a Rapidly Changing Environment

CIO Vendor G overnance Risk Managements and Compliance GRC are three pillars that work together for the purpose of assurings that an organization meets its objectives. Governance is the combination of processes stablished and executed that are reflected in the organisation’s structures and how it is managed and led towards achieving goals.Risk managements is predicting and managing risks that could hinder theorganization to achieve its objectives. Compliance with the company’s police and procedures, laws and regulations,strongs and efficient governance is considered key to an organisation’s success.

Vistra ITCL is India‘s largest Independent Corporate Trustee and Fiduciary Service Provider.The company originally was provider.The company originally was founded as a part of the IL & FS Ltd,India‘s leading Infrastructure and Financial service group before acquired by the Vistra Group, which is among the Top 3 Trust, Fund administration and Corporate Service Provider globally, the group has over 60 offices across over 40 countries. Vistra ITCL Offer a gamut of fiduciary service broadly catering to a full range of debt market issuances including Debentures. Bonds Deposits as well as Terms Loans, External Commercial Borrowings and Private equity Alternative Investments Funds. Vistra ITCL also extends its Fiduciary service to REITs, Infrastructure Investment Trust, Structured finance transactions and Securitizations in India.

The organization was established us 1995, when the liberalizations of the Indians economy was in full flow. Since then the organisations has carved a niche for it selfs in the GRC market by always exeperimenting and trying to innovate in every step they take.
Be it superior risk management or by presenting out of the box structures to the clients. Navita Yadav, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Elaborates, “ we have supported our clients throughs every economic turn and market movement since ITCL's founding twenty year ago. Our clients rely on our capability to handhold them Throughtout the life of the transactions through all phase of a dynamic economic and regulatory landscape. Our USP in Innovative structured finance solution and effective risk managements.”

Vistra ITCL administers over Rs 600,000 crores (USD 90 Billion) under various fiduciary structures and holds significant market share across Debt market and funds business

In the face of Challanges such as transparency and institutional independence plus cumbersome restructuring, rising defaults, complexity of transactions, need for legal and financial expertise, Vistra ITCL emerged triumphant with its ability to remain neutral and independent which protects the interests of the issures and the investor: significant factor such as countinous product innovation. Integrated multi skilled teams and institutional approach with vast experience in Indian makets played to their success. Navita says ,“ At Vistra we believe doing business in fast– changing global environments provides greats opportunities, but at the cost of complexity. And we deliver value to our clients in a rapidely changing environment, through independent advice Innovative solutions and effective risk managements.”

Vistra ITCL administers over Rs 600000 crores (USD 90 Billions)under various fiduciary structures and holds significant maket share across Debt market and funds business.They have made significant contribution to the development of new investment vehicles for Indians Capital Markets and have been innovators in exetending Fiduciary service to Business Trust, Structured Finance transactions and Alternative Investment Funds in India.

Vistra ITCL selientele exetends across all sectors of the economy including Bank & Financial institutions, Domestic & International corporations, Goverments and their agencies, Insurance & Asset Management Companies, Pensions & Mutual Funds, Non- Profit Organization, business owners and other enties that access debt capital and credit markets.