25 Most Promising Women Consultants - 2018

We still live in a male-dominated society. Is it? Really? The 21st-century women rule both the home and the world. The new generation of women have overcome all those negative notions and transpired beyond doubts in all spheres of life, be it in education, technology or the cumbersome world of entrepreneurship and consulting. India is and always has remained as a growing hub for commerce. With presenting a favourable climate and the excessive rise in human resource, the country today prospers from the business point of view. Marching with the tremendous flow, the Indian women have left no stone unturned to make the most out of it. Till some time ago, though women have owned and operated the business for decades but were not always recognized for their efforts. But today there extreme passion, hard –work, ambitious minds, and keen determination has helped them soar high. In fact, in many cases, it has been seen that age is just a number for many and they are bridging the gap in gender equality, all for good means. It only makes it clear that women of present times are breaking the glass ceiling and aiming for the sky. Now, they represent both the empowerment and development. Their potentials and far-sighted vision not only has assisted the society economically but also has inspired many to come out of the traditional bars and barriers and make a name for themselves. 

Foreseeing the wave that is highly appreciated and celebrated by all, we at Consultants Review bring you a list of ‘25 Most Promising Women Consultants’. Having being scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CXOs, analysts and consultants review editorial board, these consultants can be assured to embrace and lead the wind of change pertaining in the world of business and development.

Company Name Description
Ankita Nandkeolyar Passionate soul in the advertising world who seamlessly tries to enhance relationships and building communication succesfully
Ankita Puri An engineer by profession Ankita is determined to helppeople by providing online health counselling services,especially in mental health therapy
Aparna Rammohan Her technical know-how and process of business management is a result of her work in Price Water house Coopers where she has learnt the true meaning of exposure and experience
Apeksha Jain Apeksha with her all-women production team has been effective in addressing the gap pertaining in the Indian jam market that lags in fresh and artisanal-style preserves
Chayaa Nanjappa Spearheads a rural enterprise that provides a livelihood for not just illiterate communities , but also tribal communities across the state.
Dipti Vaidya At Investronaut she helps Startups and professionals in their journey to conceive, innovate, build, fund and market their vibrant business ideas
Dr Anuradha Rao With a total of 27 years of experience in the field of Human Resources Dr. Rao primarily specialises in Learning & Development
Dr Rupal A Co-founder of Your Retail Coach, one of India's most successful companies in B2C Consulting
Garima Sajita She overcame the mumprenerial challenges and launched her internet base venture PoshVine offers software and services to increase Share of Spends
Gurleen Kaur Recognized as a profound Financial planner, Kaur through her website strives to ensure comprehensive Financial Planning right from doing cost analysis to asset allocation
Mansi Mehta Her rich experience in investigation of frauds, financial irregularities, white collar crimes and business disputes across geographies has made her the face of BDO's forensic and financial advisory department
Meghna Saroagi Immense love for fashion helped Mehna to build a personalized fashion community and disrupt the way how people shop
Mehvish Mushtaq Breaking all the tereotypical and entrepreneurial barriers, Mehvish is one of the first Kashmiri woman to develop an android application equivalent to Yellow Pages
Naiyya Saggi Naiyya has been intrumental in building one of the fastest growing platform that is changing the way on how Indian families raise their children
Neha Arora With a total of nine years experience in the corporate world, she steeped into the consulting world for discovering the purpose of her life
Niharika Verma Started with making organic baby wear, she landed up being the founder of India's first and worlds largest retailer of twinning outfits
Pankhuri Srivastava Known to be an avid reader and the co-founder of India's first free roommate search engine, Pankhuri has opened new possibilities in the renting industry
Pranshu Bhandari Having a real-time experience, Pranshu tries to make english language learning an easy task for one and all with her Asia's first english learning platform
Priti Shah Distinguished personality known for the courage of one’s convictions and a quintessential of hard determination & passion
Richa Kalia Professional experience of over 13 +years in multiple disciplines and fields that include Equity and Financial Research, Investment Advisory support etc
Rina Caiser With her career span of 20 years, she has earned a name in healthcare industry with emancipating it with epic creations
Runjhun Pacholi Bharadwaj An astute marketing & branding professional, she fuels business ideas for social transformation, and ideas on life & living
Sajiri Chidgupkar Creates a connect with the participants which lasts beyond the program and ensures a greater implementation of the learning from the workshop
SangeethaV She has vast experience of around 20 years in Consultancy Domain of Electrical and ELV systems.
Swathi Bavanaka Identified as one of the top ten women techmakers, Swathi believes in converting problems into opportunities and celebrate life