Dr. Anuradha Rao: An Eminent Name in the Experiential Learning & Development World

Dr. Anuradha Rao
Director & Principal Consultant

"To me, having the conviction to follow a dream and gain confidence through a lot of experience is what led me step into the consulting journey,” says Anuradha Rao, Director & Principal Consultant at Lead Solutions, a platform that designs, develops and implements learning solution for organizations and educational institutions.

A leader with an exceptional leadership skill and a woman of substance, Anuradha is a firm believer of the fact that learning is an integral part in one’s life and creating an innovative learning environment eventually becomes the key answer to learning in the true sense. This is what kept her going and with eventually, she became an inspiration for many along with being a profound woman consultant in the field of learning and development.

A doctorate degree holder in English literature, Anuradha’s journey into the entrepreneurial world began right from her research days. In order to perform her research work, she required money and that’s when she started working to settle her needs. She also holds a diploma in teaching language, methods, and methodologies. After completion of her Ph.D. programme, Anuradha joined in the Human Resources domain, primarily in learning & development. This early seeds sowed in her initial career days gradually encouraged her to venture into the learning space to support the individuals and help them achieve their objective by enriching their existing knowledge and skills. Hence, she established Aaradhya Learning and Development Solutions, better known as Lead Solutions.

“The success of training or learning solutions results from its integration with the individual’s plan in regards to what they want to accomplish. Our intent is to work with the individual learners and assist them to become aware of their learning style. This awareness will later on anchor their further growth within any environment, they operate,” says Anuradha.

With over three-plus decades of experience in HR domain, starting off as a principal consultant for presence communication that offered training solutions in the area of language in the IT and ITES industry, Anuradha’s professional career spans across significant corporate such as GE Capital International Services, IBM BTO Operations (India)and Genpact China as a training lead, HR – director for Mphasis, and as a global talent & development lead for DBOI. She is also involved in numerous coaching projects with Reliance India Ltd. and the IB group in Chhattisgarh.
Anuradha was throughout supported by her family and peers. With their support and her dedication, she was able to face of the challenges that forayed in the consulting journey right from possessing the ability to listen to people in terms of what they want and then showcase the results through solutions. Anuradha avers, “It is not so easy to climb the ladder of success. In fact, one has to go through many ups and downs, and prove with keeping all the metrics in mind.” She adds,“Indeed, for women breaking the stereotypes is the foremost key to gain the achievement. Moreover, getting involved in various kinds of projects, irrespective of an exclusive area of choice is what will interest them and keep them moving.”

“Possess the conviction to follow a dream, nurture it and gain confidence through experiences”

An Inspiring Learning Environment
Under her guidance, today Lead Solutions has created a brand image for itself with fuelling learning enjoyment through solutions and well-built relationships. Emphasizing more on workplace equality, the company missions to work with the creative minds, improvise on their potential skills and deliver excellent results. Leveraging a distinguished approach to clearly identify the development needs and business objectives, Lead tries it best to gather the inputs and then finally, designs & implements the solution. “We create a clear metrics to measure progress and generate impressive RoI for the organizations and institutions we deal with.”

The company uses innovative methods to impart education training and services. The plethora of impeccable service offered includes Human Resources, Leadership Management, Experiential Learning, Health & Wellness and others. Some of the major clients of Lead are Deutsche Bank, IB Group, Tatva, JSW, and others. Going ahead, Anuradha with her extreme passion and determination wants to place Lead Solution as a brand consulting agency in the next five years and turn it into a three-four cr revenue generation company.

Anuradha’s Journey :
. Independent Consultant, Presence Communications, April 1991 – June 2002

. Training Lead –GE (GECIS), July 2000 – Oct 2002

. Deputy General Manager, Training, IBM – Nov 2002 – Mar 2005

. Director –HR, Mphasis, Mar 2005 – June 2006

. Vice President, Training, Genpact – July 2006 – April 2006

. Vice President, Training & Development, Deutsche Bank, Apr 2009 – Mar 2012

. Faculty – HR(OB & OD), Centre for Organizational Development, Dec 2013 – Mar 2016

. Founder Partner, Mantran Consultants, Dec 2012 – Present

. Director & Principal Consultants, Aaradhya Learning & Development Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Better known as Lead Solutions), Apr 2012 - Present