Sangeetha.V: Breaking the Stereotype

CEO& Founder

The road that leads to success in an entrepreneurial journey is never easy. The road is often filled with challenges, doubts, fear and more importantly risks that women have to battle with. It’s never easy to combat the odds that come on their way to top. Be it drawing a healthy balance between work and life or breaking the stereotype of sustaining in a male dominated society, women entrepreneurs face some of such disparities. Despite these, women in present times are setting strong footholds in the industry, scaling their businesses and above all making a name for themselves.

The story of Sangeetha.V begins in one such inspirational note where she has proven herself as an entrepreneur and has played the most important role ever to bring success to her venture. Sangeetha began her career as a Design engineer with an Electrical consultant in Chennai and moved up to the role of consultant for a leading architect company. Her willingness to explore new territories further motivated to zero in on her entrepreneurial journey in 2010 and she kicked off this venture Z Axis Engineering consultancy with co founder and her life partner Krish. “Being a part of an architect firm earlier, I saw many women architects flourishing and being extraordinary in their performances. This inspired me to start something of my own. Of course it is not an easy decision because I was the sole bread winner of the family and my husband was in a very challenging situation in terms of his business. Despite all of that, he stood as a strong pillar of support. Also, the level of support from my friends during this phase is worthy of being mentioned,” speaks Sangeetha.

Embracing the Challenges
With initial challenges of convincing clients about their services and managing fund matters, Sangeetha and her team at Z Axis Engineering Consultancy has come a long way to become the key decision makers for recommending products and the solutions to the clients.“Throughout, we have stood firm in the play ground and ensured we picked up few clients who can offer good consultancy remuneration. We are very excited now to cross that phase and particularly crossing that phase without compromise on integrity which is very valuable for an independent consultant,” she says.
With Sangeetha's ability to offer spontaneous solution and willingness to explore new territories, the company has developed more insight in the industry than any other independent consultants in the engineering industry. “I have been labeled some times as very aggressive and strong lady. It is a compliment to me,” she smiles.

Sangeetha is a strong advocate of women empowerment and she believes the only possible way to have it is by being financial independent. She says, “My natural preference is to pick up a women candidate when all other criteria are being met by both gender candidates for a particular role.”

The Road Ahead for Z Axis
As independent security technology consultants, Z Axis offers design solutions for integrated security system and building management system. The solutions are being offered for entire bouquet of security technologies like surveillance, access control, cyber security. The company also offers technology solutions to other ELV systems like IBMS, Networking and AV systems. With presence in South India, the team has plans for PAN India operations this year and next year they are likely to target Middle East.

“We are planning to gear up from independent technology consultant to KPO business model. The expertise we have gained and 360 degree insight will help us to explore the domain and will be positioned as the global leader in security technologies knowledge outsourcing domain,” she concludes.

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Quick Facts:

Education– Management Graduation along with Engineering Degree

Awards/Accolades/Recognition(if any)–
. Finalist in 2017 shield awards in Fire consulting category
. Advanced Pranic healer
. M.Acu in Acupuncture

Role Model- Our beloved amma Jayalalitha

Self Quote–If you really love some thing let it fly, if it is yours it will surely come, If it is not coming it is not yours and accept it

Message for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs– Be open to interact more with opposite gender as they are more open than our own gender!

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Sangeetha.V- CEO& Founder
Sangeetha is the founder & Principal architect of Z Axis Engineering solutions. She has vast experience of around 20 years in Consultancy Domain of Electrical and ELV systems. Her core expertise being security consultancy and Design, her deliverables are backed by passion towards this industry. Her ability to offer spontaneous solution and Willingness to explore new territories is very well appreciated in her clientele