10 Most Promising Telecom Consultants - 2018

Convergence, Connectivity & Clarity are considered to be the most pivotal elements in the telecom industry. The world in which we live currently demands that the business needs should be conducted at the speed of thought. And in respect to this, the telecom sector acts as the backbone for companies wanting a foothold in every corner of the globe. The last few years have shown turmoil in the telecom industry led by bitter competition, consolidation & hyperactive innovations. This has not only triggered the giant and the small & medium scale players to emerge in a market with disrupting innovations but has also made them bring in the wide array of services. As the industry is changing rapidly, there is not only a need to keep up with the trend but to remain one step ahead of it. This is where the role of telecom consultants comes into account.

These consultants aim to provide some combination of the hands-on support services & solutions. Some of the major services offered include implementation, test optimisation, telecom infrastructural needs, operations & maintenance, project management consultancy, logistics, tariffs & more. Providing the right combination of products and services and deploying them with professional expertise with making it imperative to understand the way technology is constantly evolving, these consultants ensure their best to support and benefit businesses to spearhead in the trending spectrum. In this edition of Consultants Review, we have listed ‘10 Most Promising Telecom Consultants’ that are assured to bring the most value to the organization & and attain sustainable growth in the long run. The proposed list aims to help companies and people to choose the felicitous consulting partner and help them achieve de-sired goals.


Company Name Description
Adacell Technologies An end-to-end telecom service company that provides a gamut of services that includes right from planning, to installation & commissioning, operation & maintenance, microwave engineering, RF optimization, bench marking services, offshore service delivery, consulting, and civil infrastructure
Aerial Telecom Solutions An established telecom service provider that aims to address the dynamic needs of the telecom industry with robust solutions
ATPN Committed to provide state of the art technology solutions in the field of telecom, power and networks, in particular transmission (wired and wireless) & networking technologies both in India and abroad
Coral Telecom Developing a highly scalable business model to elongate the product life cycle by providing innovative solutions through costant design and upgradation of technology
Ericsson As head of the four Global Service Centres, in India, China, Mexico and, Romania - my role is to deliver competitive advantage to the organization and to our customers by leveraging our global competencies, scale, common ways of working with local capabilities.
Intellibuzz TEM A proven leader in the telecom expense managemnt space and helps one seize value from the telecom environment
Squad Communications A technology driven information systems consulting and telecommunications solutions firm that offers customized Telecom Software services as well as sourcing & support services
Tejas Networks The company utilizes a programmable, software-defined hardware architecture that provides flexibility, multigeneration support and a seamless software-enabled network transformation to its custom
Telecom Network Solutions One of India's largest supplier of product and services of telecom turnkey solutions
Teleprudence Telecom Management An operator agnostic Telecom Management company built on an uncompromising value system and rich domain expertise