Aerial Telecom Solutions: High Quality State-of-the Art Communication Services

CIO Vendor Mohali headquartered Aerial Telecom Solutions, one of the leading players in the telecom consultancy arena was established with the cumulative experiences of the co-founders garnered extensively from the telecom industry. Being a part of the industry and observing the various industry trends that were shaping new innovations, they noticed that the transformational impact was driving the telecom operators towards taking most critical & operational decisions. Though the operators had adopted demanding strategies still there was a shortage of qualified personnel and lacked in understanding the psyche of the organizations wants. Identifying the poor quality level and the dire need of a consulting firm that would help them with their specific requirements and most importantly redefine their relationships with the customer; Aerial Telecom Consultants emerged in the telecom consulting space.

Established in 2010 by Maninder Nanda, Sham Kumar, Parvinder Singh, Asim Jain & Asim Gupta who have worked with organizations at different roles, Aerial Telecom Solutions addresses the dynamic needs of the rapidly evolving telecom industry. Sham Kumar, Director & COO, Aerial Telecom Solutions, says, “Our main idea behind entering into the market was basically to meet the changing scenario by adapting ourselves to the rising demands and meet the customer requirements. Also, the dearth of professionals in providing quality solutions and measures led us to combine our skill set and start a consultancy firm of our own. Thus, Aerial Telecom Consultants came into being.”

State-of the-Art Infrastructure Services & Solutions
Aerial Telecom Solutions is the only technology & operator neutral consultancy firm in the telecom space. Institutionalized with a unique service model, the company visions to be a leader in the telecom consulting space with offering impeccable product & service developed in sync with technology trend, best infrastructure accustomed by highest industry standard. Aerial
as a fully engaged & involved platform in operations works towards development and introduces new services that overall enhances the customer experiences. Accomplished to cater the entire spectrum of solutions, Aerials’ major offerings include Resource Management, Telecom Implementation, RF Drive Test Optimisation, Telecom Infrastructure, Operations & Maintenance, Project Management Consultancy, OFC Maintenance, Logistics Management & so on. “We proffer services right from rendering trained manpower to optimize the network with ensuring less call drops, network troubleshooting to performing infrastructure roll out such as installing the tower, maintaining the towers, operations and maintenance and others. We also deal with network architecture such as 2G, 3G, 4G, VOLTE, FTTH and provide services for operations, maintenance of laying of optical fibre cables to project management & logistics supply services,” avers Sham.

Led by a team of 3000+ employees Aerial Telecom Solutions has been able to mark its presence as an established telecom solution provider with generating a revenue rate of 91.3 crores in 2016-17

Driven by an innovative approach that comprises of four key elements viz. -'Domain Expertise, Responsive, Consistent & Cost Efficient’, Aerial enables to proffer an adaptive infrastructure in reducing the overall capital investment and maximizes the revenue through operational efficiency. Some of the major clients of Aerial are Ericsson India, Idea, Cellular, Tata Teleservices, Vodafone, Airtel & more.

Transpires to Grow Exponentially
Led by a team of 3000+ employees Aerial Telecom Solutions has been able to mark its presence as an established telecom solution provider with generating a revenue rate of 91.3 crores in 2016-17. The company expects to grow close to 120 crores in the current year. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Aerial holds OHSAS 18001:2007 certification and has been awarded the prestigious certificate by Absolute Quality Certifications Private Limited accredited by JASANZ. Proven to offer high-quality, state-of-the-art, and reliable communications services, Sham concludes, “We are constantly trying to upgrade our skills to match with the upcoming technological implications and soon will bring disrupting technology in the networking space.”