Teleprudence Telecom Management: Telecom De-Mystified!

CIO Vendor "It's raining pink slips in Telecom and it’s the enterprise that is facing collateral damage”– says Ritesh Seth, Founder, Teleprudence Telecom Management. The telecom & IT industries at present are considered to be amongst the top five expenses categories for any enterprises. According to Gartner reports, an organization can save anywhere between 15-35 percent in this spend, if managed properly. While there are several factors at play, the root cause of this can be attributed to the talent crunch both, from the buy and sell side. Foreseeing this unique opportunity in the telecom space and help organizations out, Mumbai based Teleprudence Telecom Management plunged into the telecom consulting arena.

“Given the technological advancements, the lines between telecom & IT have started to fade, making smartphones the new computer. Enterprises generally do not have the top view of their spend, especially in the multi-branch set-up and in case of mobile phones, most organizations bundle expenses as a part of employee CTC thereby denying themselves any benefit of falling tariffs. In respect to sell side, the eroding bottom lines leading to target pressures and increased dependencies on channel partners for sales and outsourced teams for service assurance is hardly good news. The whole idea of the existence of Telepreprudence came into effect because of the consequences taking place in the telecom industry,” speaks Ritesh.

Transforming Business. Optimizes Cost
Founded in 2011, Teleprudence, an operator agnostic telecom management company is the brainchild of Ritesh Seth an expert with over 15 years in the Telecom domain and has worked with Reliance Infocomm & Global Enterprise Business Unit with Tata Communications. The company sights to help organizations in their telecom cost control & related business transformation endeavours. Led by the three-fold objective of -‘Opening up a new market, Business Transformation & Cost-saving’, Teleprudence with its enterprise software ‘Vivek’, the
cloud-based model tries to automate customer’s procurement to payment lifecycle management. The array of consulting services offered by Teleprudence includes Data collection & analysis, Invoice Processing, Auditing, Invoice Accuracy Validation, Contract Negotiation, Plan Optimization, Telecom Policy Review & others. Explaining on it, Ritesh says, “It all starts from the information that we collect from the telecom-related general vendor, advantages, plans entitlements, bandwidth entitlements that should be given to various employees and more. After gathering these general vendor picks the action usage and the leakage is detected, thus solving the problem.” From the Telecom Audit & control perspective, the company leverages a crisp format in lines with the international best practices to quantify the performance and from the business transformation side, Teleprudence’s enterprise voice, data & mobility knowledge partner network promises to enhance employee productivity and process efficiencies. “Through Teleprudence we try to break down the silos in order to ensure decision making a collaborative process and are focused on 100 percent strike rate on consumer deliverables”, avers Ritesh.

Captivated with the core aspect to set upon a charter to maximize efficiencies & optimize costs, Teleprudence brings to the table it’s best-in-class operator neutral domain experts along with right technologies

Captivated with the core aspect to set a charter to maximize efficiencies & optimize costs, Teleprudence brings to the table it’s best-in-class operator neutral domain experts along with right technologies. Some of the noteworthy clients of Teleprudence include BSE, Travelocity, Travel Guru, Powerica, Synergy, Inventure, TechnoShares to mention a few.

New Product-In the Row
Mumbai headquartered Teleprudence consultative approach is based on deliverables rather than sophisticated Venn diagrams, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint impressions. With its crack team, the company ensures to deliver a 360-degree view on techno-commercial & business perspective. Concluding on the future roadmap, Ritesh mentions, “Currently, we are working aggressively within the wireless network industry and In Building Solution (IBS) providers. As the present crisis in the telecom offers an ocean of opportunities we are soon getting into the product part”.