MaxCorp Consulting: A Powerhouse of Market Insights and Research Data Reports

CIO Vendor For years, India has been a market worth looking into, and there’s always been a good reason for all the interest garnered. Its emergence in the world economy, the increasing middle-class, modest inflation rate and most importantly, the relatively stable political backdrops has made the country an attractive bet for foreign companies. One such was a Middle East based company who wanted to assess an opportunity, with a view to enhancing its Construction Material and Design Business in the hospitality & leisure sector of India. Before entering into the market, their key concern was to understand the current construction patterns, robust structure, risk factors along with getting a brief on the inclination of the industry towards more reliable and modern construction material solution.

To meet these concerns, they approached MaxCorp Consulting, a Delhi based Market Research firm that provides quality and reliable market research content and insights across the globe. MaxCorp, on their behalf, conducted an in-depth telephonic market research with numerous hoteliers and project managers. Not only this, it also carried out a secondary research and cross-verified the responses with the reports and news available on the industry. This not only helped the clients in getting a better understanding of the market positioning but also encouraged them to come up with well-defined strategies to capture the market.

The Inception of MaxCorp
Moushumi Sharma, an experienced strategic marketer and consultant was a part of the various corporate in India during her professional journey. She was largely involved in servicing the US-based clients. But her
entrepreneurial voyage started out of some thing which she never thought of. It was during the time of recession in 2012-13 when companies slowly started moving back to their home markets. There were only a handful of companies that were catering to the Indian as well as the US clients. At that point, Moushumi began some freelancing works. “In the meantime, I realized that there was a marketing potential to be explored. Combining it with my passion, knowledge and zeal, I decided to establish an end-to-end market research firm,” says Moushumi Sharma, Founder Director.

"With offices in Noida, Toronto and Geneva, MaxCorp Consulting today has its presence across 20 nations"

Incorporated in the year 2013, MaxCorp vision towards building an organization that exclusively facilitates research need across geographies and industries. The company offers high-quality Data Collection, Market Research Analysis, Consulting Services and Research Content & Reports. Team Maxcorp assists the esteemed clients with an array of MR activities such as Panel Recruitment, Surveys, Sampling, Online & Offline Research and more. Moreover, it also conducts studies to identify and forecast business opportunities, market trends for Product Development, Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour Analysis for any businesses, irrespective of their size and niche.

Moushumi explicates, “Our USP has always been to provide 100 percent quality data and content with the help of telephonic & online primary research.” At MaxCorp, we have an active panel of B2B and B2C consumers, researchers and consultants. Recently, the company has started generating research reports. MaxCorp has conducted surveys for the CII, World Economic Forum, SEBI, top Engineering, FMCG, & Energy Companies amongst others, around the world. Besides this, MaxCorp has also assisted a number of start-ups in various sectors like Travel, Mobile App, Fashion – conducting Market Research & market Feasibility Studies.

The Journey
A think tank of market research executives and intellectuals, Maxcorp, five years down the lane, has been able to earn a reputed name. With offices in Noida, Toronto and Geneva, the company conducts research in over 20 countries. Growing at an exceptional rate of 80-90 percent YoY, the company wants to extend into diversified segments and capture the North American market. “We want to remain as a powerhouse for market insights and research data and are positive to thrive on,” concludes Moushumi.