NH Consulting: Delivering Excellence through Initiatives & Innovation

CIO Vendor Dhananjay Kumar, an experienced professional in development and management consulting happened to meet a top bureaucrat of the country at India International centre. Kumar, who then already had worked in Europe, the Caribbean, South America, South East Asia and Oceania, had recently entered India under a collaborative arrangement with a European employer. In the process, he had developed an excellent rapport with Indian bureaucracy primarily through extending international quality of consulting services. After a 20 minutes conversation, the bureaucrat curiously asked him, ‘Why don’t you start your own consulting firm, as you have tremendous knowledge with hands-on experience in management, market research, industrial field and others? This question triggered him to venture out on his own. Leaving his lucrative, high profile career behind, Dhananjay took the plunge and going ahead, one of his colleagues joined him to be the part of the consulting journey.

“The process began with a search for a suitable name for the company. We initially desired to get registered with the name New Horizon Pvt. Ltd. but for some issues, we couldn’t. Finally, we were able to come up with the abbreviated version of it, as N H Consulting(NHC)in 2003,” says Dhananjay Kumar, Managing Director.

NHC as an ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2004 and 1800:2007 certified company strives to achieve excellence through internationally renowned practices. Believing in the concept that ‘there is always a better way’, the company renders to be a single platform for management and development consulting with a Pan India and International presence.

State-of-the-art Services across Allied Sectors
Institutionalized to be a profound name for Market Research, NHC, today is largely involved in Natural Resource Consulting. The key areas include
Forestry, Environment, Climate Change, Agriculture and allied sector like Watershed management, socioeconomic study and Monitoring & Evaluation and others. Not only confined to this, the company has added management consulting as its core wing. The product mix comprises of market research, product research, Pre-engineering, corporate planning, business process re-engineering, investment choice, choice of location, resource survey and more. Dhananjay asserts, “We have completed hundreds of assignments in the various fields through collaboration with the prestigious national and international corporate giants.” In 2016, NHC merged with Orion Group of Companies to accomplish the projects rendered out by state governments.'

"NHC addresses the core subjects of International and multi-lateral projects funded by the World Bank, JICA, EU, FAO, Govt. Ministries and more and is transforming the consulting landscape with its practical solutions to a myriad of issues.

The prime objective of NHC has always been to extend highly professional expertise through analytical execution methodology. Explaining this, he mentions, “At NHC, right from the proposal stage, we conduct a panel discussion to understand different components of the project. The best of the methodology selection, monitoring and self-evaluation and our experts’ knowledge help us execute the project in a timely manner. For the evaluation sector, NHC’s output and outcome approach along with Causative factor analysis for an unbiased evaluation of government programs have made them unique.

Employment, Training & Capacity Building – An Extended Arm
NHC, much before inception, had completed three assignments in forestry and industrial sector sponsored by UNDP, UNCTAD and an Indian Association. Today, it caters to the International and multi-lateral projects funded by the World Bank, JICA, EU, FAO, Govt. Ministries and more. The company’ strongest arm - Training and Capacity building has benefitted millions of forest dwellers, industries and the job seekers through employment creation.

New Delhi headquartered NHC which was growing only through sporadically bidding in the past few years has joined the crore clubs. The company has been able to establish itself as a brand with quality consciousness with setting up virtual offices globally. Considering the developments taking place in Asia and Africa, NHC is trying to enter the infrastructure sector and be a global hub for development and management consultancy by 2020.