Maharashtra Media Services & Public Relations: Resourceful PR Partner

CIO Vendor Pune headquartered Maharashtra Media Services & Public Relations Pvt. Ltd was set up with the prime objective of providing curated and the most active Public relations services to companies and international agencies to reach out to nook and corner of Maharashtra and tier II cities at pan India level. The company has managed to help brands reach remotest places of India through media visibility using in-depth media relations and its expertise lies in successfully executing media campaigns keeping in mind the local dynamics.

What makes Maharashtra Media Services & Public Relations stand out in the crowd is its expertise and presence in the remotest part of the state and in tier II & tier III cities. “Today no one in Maharashtra can match our network hence a lot of international PR agencies, brands and even CSR Foundations use our network to create noise in the market,” speaks Raju Nikam, Founder & Chairman. The company creates localized content and ensure that the client gets the due recognition and recall to reach out to its target audiences. It adopts the path of creating news that has value and rich content. “We are news makers not just PR executives or consultants. That’s why we are different from the rest. Creating news in new and emerging markets keeping the client in the centre of it all is going to be the game changer,” he avers.

It has conducted successful campaigns in a mofussil town of Amaravati district known as Bulumgavan which got electricity and connection after 70
years of India’s independence. “This was part of our client’s Maharashtra Village Social Transformation Foundation campaign. The campaign was a huge success which was even acknowledged by CM of the state and most importantly by our Honourable PM. Mr Narendra Modi,” he mentions.

"What makes Maharashtra Media Services & Public Relations stand out in the crowd is its expertise and presence in the remotest part of the state and in tier II & tier III cities"

The Foundation Story
The journey of Maharashtra Media Services & Public Relations dates back to 2001 when Nikam was working for Capital Images – heading their media cell for Pune & Maharashtra. That’s when he came to know about the potentiality of Publication Services in cities of Maharashtra beyond Mumbai & Pune. He quit his job and started Maharashtra Media Services & Public Relations.“A lot of credit goes to my role model and mentor Urvashi Kadam (Former CEO of Capital Images and Partner Genesis B & M). She was the one who taught me the basics of the trade. She was instrumental in shaping my career,” he informs.

Initially, Nikam and his team had difficult days pertaining to acquiring skilled people for the job. With a limited team and growing business, the other challenge was the delivery mechanism and managing client expectations. “The initial days were indeed tough but it was a learning phase for us. I personally travelled all over India to set up a robust network and today we have a Pan India presence with assured output and results,” he explains.

Strength & Growth – Achieved through Continuous Efforts
Growing at a rate of 10 to 12 percent year-on-year, the company is further ramping up its network in Maharashtra and looking for talent especially in the B2B segment. Also, it would be majorly looking at emerging markets to increase our client portfolio and business. “We are set to launch the Political PR & Research wing keeping in mind the 2019 state and general elections. Going ahead, we want to see ourselves as a marketing driven company with a major presence on digital platforms. On the offline front, we would be majorly participating in all PR and communication-related events,” concludes Nikam.