Consocia Advisory: A Valuable Partner for Enhancing Brand Reputation & Sustainable Growth

CIO Vendor Deepak Jolly, an astute leader in Public Affairs & Communications who has been in leadership roles of companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Bharti and HUL. Deepak has a vast experience in leading various divisions of policy advocacy, reputation management, sustainability, marketing programs, operations and others. He has been successful in devising the vision, direction and strategies required to develop a new business categories, create partnership model to influence public policy and build a positive corporate reputation among many others. Enriched with 33 years of business and communications experience, Deepak decided to give back to the industry and start consulting other organizations. Going ahead, he discussed his ideas with his past colleagues Dr. Praveen Aggarwal and Dr. MVRL Murthy and then finally the idea of starting a consulting firm specialized in Reputation Management, Public Affairs and Sustainability was conceptualized by them.

“Our whole idea was to institutionalize a company that focuses on the ever increasing, ever complex needs of the reputation management. At Consocia, we work together co-create and become an embedded partner that generates synergy for the clients business that impacts their purpose,”speaks Deepak.

“The genesis of Consocia Advisory comes from the critical industry need to have credible and seasoned partners who can be force multipliers to corporations operating in a highly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous(VUCA)business environment.” added co-founder Dr. Praveen Aggarwal. Led by a passionate bunch of CXOs drawn from Indian and MNC backgrounds who brings in an cumulative experience of over 100 years, the barometer of success for Consocia is not just strategy grounded in business realties but is also based on measurement metrics and end impact. As a one stop shop, Consocia deals right from public affairs to shaping public opinions, from integrated communications to reputation management, and from CSR activities to ensuring sustainability. “We enable our clients to engage with a diverse set of stakeholders leveraging our in-depth understanding of the complex socio-political-economic landscape and
partner with them in implementing and executing their CSR activities across companies, NGOs and communities,” he adds.

"Consocia specializes in a multi-stakeholder management approach at solving complex problems for different organizations"

360 Degree Solutions Provider
Consocia as a brand partner to corporate and start-ups is in the business strives to change the way people think. The ability to formulate integrate solutions, think out-of-the box, 24/7 support, Integrated media programs, Govt. Affairs, practical innovation with offering a complete bouquet of holistic solutions sets the company apart from rest of its competitors. Consocia specializes in a multi-stakeholder management approach at solving complex problems for different organizations” “We support start-ups, especially tech-oriented ones to build their reputation which helps not only in their business growth but also tap in new investments, assist small & large companies to build a global reputation and create partnership for Sustainable growth and Stakeholder Engagement across Media, Government, NGOs, Communities, Trade Bodies and more,” asserts Praveen.

Dr.Praveen Aggarwal,Co-Founder

New Delhi based Consocia has a robust presence across Delhi NCR, Bangalore and Mumbai along with having a strong affiliate network across various other cities. “With a team of 25+ qualified professionals, we have some major MNCs, Swedish, Swiss, Russian and Chinese companies along with various large Indian corporates, startups and Development Sector organizations. as our clients. While the consultancy is industry agnostic, our clients belong to different industry sectors such as Food & Beverages, Technology, Pharma, Venture Capitalists and Media to name a few. The company looks forward to accomplish its mission on making a more process-oriented approach, undertake programs relevant to nation building and work extensively on public policy and advocacy” added Praveen.