Argus CMPO: Building Businesses through Brand development and Marketing

CIO Vendor "If you want to build a Brand, in addition to beautifying the collaterals, focus on building Trust through quality and deliverables. A Brand is an experience in the mind of its consumers. Marketing is an investment; Make a place available in your Balance Sheet. Investing in Brand building & Marketing is like Mutual Funds, you save aside every month and build on your Brand Equity,” speaks Hema Aushat, CEO, Argus CMPO. Hema believes Digital Marketing is a continuous activity where results are not instant yet guarantees visibility. Being on the first page does not guarantee sale but the chances to get leads are higher. What converts into a sale is how the lead is taken care of and the quality of the product or service. Following the same lines Hema zeroed in upon creating Argus CMPO, a premier marketing agency specialized in the beauty & wellness industry with expertise in Brand building, Marketing Services, Digital Marketing, PR,& International Brand Consultancy for India Market Entry.

Team Argus believes in addressing the pain points first, understanding the client’s goals and then giving its recommendation and solutions. “Marketing Diagnostic Audit gives us a fair indication of the client’s needs and the gaps in the organization. We tend to build a marketing driven organization and hence we also make it a point to ensure that all the employees have an entrepreneurial mindset that will lead the organization to achieve its goals. We then look into the systems and procedures in place to track the activity effectiveness,” explains Hema.

The company serves two major verticals - India Market Entry(with expertise on Beauty Brands) and Brand and Marketing Consultancy(across sectors for Indian companies). For India Market Entry, it helps brands make a better-informed decision by availing them with Market Research, Competition Mapping, Buyer Persona identification, Pricing Strategy, Go To Market Strategy, 3-5 year business plans, distributor mapping, Import Compliance, Commercial & Marketing Follow up.

As Brand & Marketing Consultants, it executes marketing audit of companies who have marketing departments that include marketing calendar, marketing budgets, ROI, marketing spends, activations audit and the integration of online/offline marketing actions. “We have seen success stories of 40 percent to 70 percent YOY increase in their business. In regards to qualitative growth – high visibility with the application of effective lead generation tools is something we take pride in. Our Digital Marketing team has worked effectively on many brands giving them an edge in ranking and more business,” she says.
The Genesis
Hema calls herself an “Accidental Entrepreneur. ” Before starting her consultancy firm, she had experience in working with renowned international brands. Her roles in the company led her to travel to various Middle Eastern and European countries, and this exposure to global marketing strengthened her knowledge further and made her crave for more.

"Argus CMPO aims to be one of India’s leading Consultancy companies for India Market Entry and is a name to reckon with alongside established bigwigs."

In 2011, personal priorities took over. A year later when she returned to the mainstream, Hema, got a contract from a Netherlands Brand for their India market entry. “I gave it a try, and the entrepreneurial bug hit me bad. It is another story that the Brand not only decided not to come to India but duped me of huge money for the entire setup that they asked me to put up for which I invested from my savings. So I hit back with a vengeance and set up my Consultancy firm. Today I have nearly put over 30 years of my life in Brand building & Marketing, and I love it to the moon and back,” informs Hema.

Fighting against all the odds, Hema along with her team has carved a niche for Argus CMPO in the Brand and Marketing Consultancy space. Hema recalls,“The learning curve was steep. At times the fall hurt but something within always urged me to stay put. I spent a lot of time on self-study and took control. I spoke to as many people as I could. Early 2014, I joined BNI – Business Network International that completely changed the way I did business. I picked up entrepreneurial knowledge from various stalwarts and senior members and kept the boat afloat.”

The Growth Story of Argus CMPO
Like any other consultancy company,Argus CMPO has endowed the interns with a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. Based out of Mumbai, the company has catered its services to clients from Delhi, Raipur, Nasik, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Surat, and other parts of India. Argus CMPO’s international clients are from Netherlands, USA, Italy, France, Sweden, and Switzerland.

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Case Study
“A 50 year old India Carpets & Furnishings/Durafit Floors signed me as their Consultant, where I started with my signature service – Marketing Audit. In that, it was important for me to know if the employees had a marketing mindset, so we interviewed all the employees right from the Directors to the back-end staff. We then studied the Sales reports and P&L of last 3 years and also the marketing activities /activations they conducted in the last 3 years.

Based on this information, we did a gap-analysis and gave them recommendations that included product sales planning, channel planning, and some organizational changes as well. We completely re-vamped their existing Digital presence, worked on their pricing strategy,communication strategy, measures and controls, activations for visibility. They are now heading towards a +50 percent growth in the current fiscal year,” mentions Hema.