CSDM Solution: Marketing Beyond Your Imagination

CIO Vendor Marketing is the heart and soul of any thriving business. If done aptly, it propagates healthy outcomes for a company. Irrespective of the size of the enterprise, a successful marketing campaign always boosts the company to reach out to a whole new level. As it strikes a chord among the target audience, lures potential consumers, raises brand awareness, and brings visibility in the market. But how effectively are enterprises doing it? Well, the answer to that depends on companies’ ability to adapt to the changing market dynamism.

Digital marketing, which is already a popular buzzword in the industry, is continually evolving, thereby creating a need for businesses to have their presence online, and sustain in the long run. Often marketers who rely purely on offline channels are a little reluctant and rigid in their approach towards investing in online and digital marketing, as they lack to see the bigger picture of bringing a brand to life. Majority of them are succumbed to short-term results, limited budgets and are likely to miss out on tons of opportunities that are in stores for them.

To give an example, few of the success stories of effective utilization of digital marketing led us to 2014 Lok Sabha Election, where BJP won the election with flying colors, followed by AAP’s win in Delhi Assembly elections of 2015. It was the power of social media and other online promotional activities that led to the stunning victory of these political parties.

Similarly, for enterprises, the general thumb rule remains the same, Chaitanya Sharma, Director, CSDM Solution, explains “If your company needs to flourish in enabling this digital experience to the next level. You need to allocate a fixed budget that is appropriate for the company’s future growth. Once the strategy is in place, patience is the key, and the result will automatically follow.”

The Journey of CSDM Solution – Enabling Digital Experience
In December 2016, CSDM Solution started its journey in a humble setting. Initially, the company studied the market accurately and began solving the mishaps of the industry, one company at a time, in and around the suburbs of Baddi industrial area, Himachal Pradesh. The founder’s eye gawked on the pharmaceutical companies, ranging from big to mid-sized enterprises, where a majority of them were sending their field sales and marketing representatives to promote their products and reach out to the targeted audience.

In the process, the companies were spending a lot of resources, and the results attracted close to about 7-10 percent leads. Shaken by the outcome, Chaitanya, an avid marketing professional observed the situation and stepped into the rescue of these pharmaceutical companies. “For me marketing is everything. But the faith in digital marketing concept is beyond words. We took these pharmaceutical companies on-board for 50 percent of the budget allocation and churned the lead generation to another level. In four months, we got them 100-150 enquires per day. Now, they have a conversion rate of 40-45 percent.”

Smitten by on-time execution and result-oriented services, CSDM Solution is all about creating impact in enabling digital marketing experience to its clients. The company has left no stones unturned and is venturing into other domains, including politics, hospitality, travel, and others. Today, the company associated with more than 27+ clients provides digital marketing and web-solution services like Google SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing and many more.

Elaborating on the same, Chaitanya says “Before we offer value-added services to our clients, we always like to be honest and straightforward in our approach, we don’t provide services just for the sake of it. We understand the business, where we analyze the success rate of the industry, then only offer them the services and provide them the plausible outcomes.”

More than Just a Leap of Faith
After the success story of pharmaceutical clients, in one year, CSDM started foraying into the retail segments, where they created yet another miracle through their power of digital marketing solutions. One of those case studies led us to a high-end bicycle cycle company in Chandigarh, where the company was almost at the verge of shutting down, and CSDM solution turned the business around. “During the initial days, the company used to struggle to make a business of one lakh/month. But, today they make about 10-12 lakh per month. This brings us immense satisfaction,” asserts Chaitanya, with contentment.

Today, there is this notion among a few people in the industry, the minute they hear about Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media marketing concepts. They think it is a waste of time. It is for kids. “Yes, it is used by kids. But, from these kids only you’ll reap the fruit of success,”
wittily replies Chaitanya. Changing the mindset of businesses across various segments, CSDM is tirelessly working to carve a niche in the industry with its innovative services and solutions.

"CSDM Solution boosting the hospitality sector in the regions of Himachal Pradesh has started a new venture called the Valley Hashtagers Pvt. Ltd"

Recalling the journey so far, Chaitanya says “It was quite slow due to several unforeseeable events. Also, it was impossible to make some vendors understand the importance of social media marketing and its consequences. Now, the scenario has completely changed, people are aware of its potential and are happy with it.

The Growth Story- Boosting Local Businesses
Based in Gagret, Himachal Pradesh, CSDM Solution over the years has had exponential growth and currently has an office in Chandigarh, Punjab. Revenue-wise, the first year the company has had a revenue generation of around 4-5 lakh. Once the business began to thrive, the company started to approach clients in Delhi, Mumbai, and tier 1 & tier 2 cities, the turnover has multiplied x10 times in the recent past. Also, CSDM Solution has collaborated with international clients in the US and Australia.

The company boosting the hospitality sector in the regions of Himachal Pradesh has started a new venture called the Valley Hashtagers Pvt. Ltd., where the company connects the local retail vendors and home stays through a digital platform to ensure they have complete visibility online. “Right after our implementation, we have seen 20 percent increases in the customers, month-on-month. All our clients are happy with the outcomes and are heavily investing in digital marketing of their brands,” mentions Chaitanya.

The Roadmap Ahead - Chandigarh One Kilometre!
Ever since a young boy, Chaitanya loved his city Chandigarh more than anything. Even when he was offered a high-paying job in Bangalore, Chaitanya declined it and decided to come back to his favorite city to create an impact. “There are a lot of emotions attached to this place. As a kid I used to come to Chandigarh, to buy clothes and other essentials with my family. Whenever I used to see the milestones mentioned Chandigarh 1 KM, I used to get goosebumps, and happiness used to overflow,” says Chaitanya.

Therefore, dedicating a project solely focusing on Chandigarh, recently, the founder has started a new venture called Chandigarh One Kilometre. The platform provides all the information of local businesses under one roof, thereby bringing undiscovered and unexplored food, culture and experience to its users, on the go. “I want to promote everyone in the city. Conduct interviews, and ensure there is complete visibility on all the social media platforms. More than anything, I want to give something back to the city,” asserts Chaitanya.

Further stating the roadmap ahead, he concludes “Apart from offering digital services and IT solutions to our clients. We will slowly move into the advertising sector. We will remain ubiquities in the digital marketing space and are positive that we will be creating good things in the coming days.”

Chaitanya Sharma, Founder & Director, CSDM Solution
Chaitanya has a robust IT and Digital marketing experience. As a millennial entrepreneur, he loves to enable successful businesses through his marketing and technology skills. Before venturing into CSDM Solution, he has worked with companies like Fenin Infosoft and Just Dial.

At CSDM Solution, Chaitanya wears multiple hats and takes care of end-to-end business operations, technology, sales & marketing, product development team. He values his team more than anything, and he believes that to build a successful organization, it takes the entire team’s effort rather than an individual’s skill and talent.

Harnessing trust, Chaitanya gives his team complete liberty and freedom to execute projects, thereby giving an ample amount of time, and a sense of responsibility to come up with out-of-the-box solutions. As a team player, Chaitanya sharing his success mantra says “If your staffs are not learning new things. That is the failure of the organization. Not the failure of the staff. It is a big failure of the organization.”

Anita Sharma, Co-Founder & Director, CSDM Solution
Anita plays a pivotal role in the organization. As the co-founder and mother of Chaitanya, she handles all the financial, operations and HR functions in the organization. At CSDM Solution, she is the go-to person in the company.

She takes care of the internal aspects of the company where she nurtures young talent, both in their professional and personal stints. Ensuring they are always happy to work at CSDM Solution.

Creative Team at CSDM Solution
Initially, when CSDM Solution started its endeavor, it was a one-man show, purely managed and handled by the founder. But, over the years, the company has grown to 10+ employees. The team brings creative attire to everything that they do.

The company follows an open office culture. Giving the employees the flexibility to grow professionally and personally. At CSDM there is always the element of fun and celebration at all times. At times, one can witness, employees, playing the popular game PUBG. Healthy office atmosphere always brings positive outcomes. Team CSDM Solution is on a mission to change the way businesses are experiencing digital marketing with its innovative and creative solutions.