Wings2i IT Solutions: The Trusted Knowledge Partner

CIO Vendor Economies have gone global, and India’s market prospects have got underlined therewith. While the market recuperated from the post-recession jitters, corporate honchos recognized the perks of specialization in every field of operation, thereby trying to negate the risks of another meltdown, as much as possible. Focus on Frameworks, standards, compliance, as well as Learning & Development has taken centre stage again. Wings2i IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a knowledge service organization providing specialized services and solutions to companies, creating a niche among companies ready to look beyond the established practices and norms. In a market diversely divided among organizations of different sizes, the quality expertise, along with professional and knowledge services are not affordable for all. This is where a company like Wings2i steps in, providing premium expertise and services at more viable price points.
Vinod Kumar Agrasala, the MD &Principal Consultant of Wings2i, a resolute and a dynamic professional, along with a couple of like-minded and driven partners, founded the Bangalore-based company in 2009, with the vision of catering to the cross-section of industries, with enriched programs suiting client requirements, for prices affordable to most.
The intention behind incepting Wings2i was setting up a knowledge service organization that aims to be a provider of quality expertise and knowledge services in focused areas to the industry. From his past experiences Vinod believed that the quality of expertise and solutions Wings2i could provide would beat par with the major players’, at the same time at non-premium prices, hence, benefiting a greater section of the market, mainly SMEs.Though the company started with intervention services of Consulting and Trainings, it soon delved into providing managed services in those areas as well.
This enabled them in becoming long term knowledge partner with most companies they worked with. Currently, Wings2i focuses on a handful of key domains and areas including Service Management, Information Security, Quality, Risk management and compliance. The company also provides custom software solutions to its customer, owing to its in house capabilities and expertise. The company has started its foray into emerging key areas such as Data Privacy.

The Journey to Success
The company’s initial days were devoid of significant hardships since the founding team had strong industry background, history and references. In fact, the company recorded profitable returns in the very first year. The challenges surfaced later, in form of an anomalous market trend. Training budgets across industries dropped, and it impacted cash-flow and retention of resources. But, Wings2i has been extremely conscious not to make compromises with the quality of its services. The company believes in long-term partnerships, and their energies and efforts are being channelized in that direction.

“We want to be trusted knowledge partner to global corporations. Our philosophy is to make our customers believe in us for our knowledge, capabilities and integrity” Vinod elucidates. Wings2i has already worked closely with established global names such as Wipro, Accenture, IBM, Honeywell and HCL among others.

Talking about the future, Vinod adds, “We are looking to expand our presence to other parts of India. We also want to focus on strengthening our delivery in Middle-East and Asia-Pacific regions. While we expand, our philosophies will remain the same. We want to emerge as a key player in the space. Also, every member of Wings2i is an important contributor, and we want to keep evolving and improving in our pursuit of becoming the most trusted knowledge provider regionally and globally.”