Tatva Leadership:Building the Women Leaders Bench Strength in Organisations

CIO Vendor More and more research is throwing up the fact that board diversity enhances corporate performance. Failing to address the gender gap can have grave economic consequences. However, in most countries women still remain underrepresented on corporate boards and Leadership positions.

While a fair amount of work is happening in raising awareness on this important issue, the ground reality is that in India, the industry sees a huge exodus of 48 to 50 % dropouts between the junior and middle management positions, resulting in fewer women in Leadership positions and skewed diversity ratios.

As a renowned Leadership & Executive Coaching Consultants for a large number of organizations, Tatva validates this. They find that representation of women participants in Leadership Development programmes is minimal and often nil.

Reacting the magnitude of the gender challenge,and under the guidance and mentorship of Padmashree Lila Poonawala, Kuku Singh, the founder of Tatvã Leadership embarked on this agenda as a priority.

Tatvã’s passion and intention is to build in organizations Women leadership talent based on a structured & holistic approach, to ensure a sustainable pipeline of women in senior management positions.

The early challenges
“The entire space of diversity and inclusion is complex and layered, resulting in ambiguity around account abilities. As a result of this the challenge faced is that stakeholders shy away from long term commitment often opting instead for short term reactive events” says Kuku. We choose to focus on a long term “Retention & Development strategy”.Our approach is to design interventions from the gender lens,as we strongly believe that leadership interventions for women in the first 10 - 12 years of their career have to be different from the ones designed for mixed groups.while the first few years were a big challenge, I have seen dramatic change in the last couple of years. Management is very concerned & acutely aware of the fact that this is not an agenda that can be put on the back burner any longer” says Kuku.

Tatva has a number of tie ups with theater companies/dance therapists/spiritual practitioners to bring a rich variety of newer methodologies into their offerings

Tatvã’s Offerings
Focusing on; Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Diversity & Inclusion, the strength of Tatvã lies in partnering with organizations to build leadership talent.
They support organizations in creating a nurturing and grooming environment for emerging Women Leaders through creative & innovative interventions like:
DRISHTI: Raising Awareness and sensitizing employees to honour gender, generational and cultural differences at the workplace. These workshops will challenge mind-sets and help employees understand their role in building an inclusive workplace
SAKSHI: Focuses on young women with 2-5 years of work experience. The larger objective is “Awakening Women to their Personal Power”
CHINMAYEE: Retain and Develop women for leadership positions
EKSUNG: Bridging the gap between Generations
Tatvã leadership has a community of experienced facilitators and Coaches. The unique strength of Tatvã lies in their capability to customize to the clients specific requirement. The company has invested a fair amount of resources on its sustainability process and besides having innovative processes also has dedicated staff to hand hold the same for at least six months after an intervention. Most of their clients appreciate this as it helps monitor, track and measure tangible results.

Tatvã has a number of tie ups with theatre companies / dance therapists / spiritual practitioners to bring a rich variety of newer methodologies into their offerings.

The company provides its services to
organizations across various verticals such as banking sector, insurance sector, manufacturing sector, IT - ITes sector to name a few. Today, the company has an impressive roster of clients that include names such as WNS, Thyssen Krupp, Barclays, Johnson and Johnson, ACC, Piaggio, Amdocs, Bharti AXA, Bajaj Alliance,SKF to name a few.
With ten active partners, an office in Pune & Mumbai, Tatvã has had the opportunity to support NASSCOM as a knowledge partner in the area of “Building the women leadership pipeline”, and anchoring some of the magazines around the leadership space.

“Keeping with our philosophy of enabling individuals to first connect with their core / essence (Tatvã in Sanskrit) and then using wisdom, compassion and humility to inspire others to achieve breakthrough results, we are confident that in the next couple of years, we will see at least 100 women in board positions supported through our initiatives”, concludes Kuku.