WhiteLight Consulting: Building Future Business Leaders

CIO Vendor Business models, competitive dynamics and strategic challenges are undergoing change at a fast rate in today’s connected workplaces. As the pace of change is accelerating, opportunities grow and most challenges are seen in a global context. Every company looks forward to invest in creating individuals who can excel in this new world. To meet the need for developing such leaders, Sandeep Kaul and Priyanka Kaul started WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd. Headquartered at Mumbai, the company has spread its wings across the country with clients in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and even Kerala.
Founded in 2012,,the company focuses on providing end to end leadership capability building solutions to include assessment centres, development centres, leadership coaching, managerial development programs as well as incorporating art as a medium for leadership development and culture building. The firm focuses on providing inspiration to corporate employees in India by using leadership development and arts to inspire people to greater heights. “We started the organization with just three words ‘Consult, Inspire, Result’. These three words are still our guiding philosophy and continue to be. We focus on building high quality conversations with clients and the business follows,” says Sandeep, Founder, WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd.

Whitelight Consulting believes that people are the ultimate competitive advantage. WhiteLight Consulting therefore focuses on building capability across all leadership levels in an organization. “We build customised solutions for leadership capability building at all three levels, i.e. the first level supervisors, the mid managerial level as well as the top leadership of the organization,” adds Sandeep.
The company also focuses on arts media to address six competencies at workplace – leadership, team development, self awareness, communication,
creativity & innovation and collaboration. “We felt a need to differentiate ourselves and art was a medium that was something of interest to us as it has an emotional angle to it. We call Arts as Energy in motion,” explains Priyanka, Co-Founder, WhiteLight. The big breakthrough came when the company convinced Mahindra Finance to use theatre for sharing the Mahindra RISE philosophy to their internal employees. WhiteLight uses a variety of mediums (theatre, movies, song, storytelling etc) using its in-house team of experts led by Priyanka, who herself has won national level awards in theatre excellence.

The company which has executed a variety of projects for leading corporates, provides various services within the human resource functional value chain especially in leadership capability building space. With the latest trends in learning theory and neuro-leadership combined with art, WhiteLight provides its clients an ideal platform for learning.

“We use innovative consulting methodologies to help drive cultural change in organizations. We constantly seek to improve our skills and to pass along the very latest information and knowledge to our clients,” adds Sandeep. The company also focuses on having high quality conversations with clients on how to impact their business growth positively by aligning business with HR.

Today the company has a strong client background, which includes giants such as Audi India, Raymonds, Mahindra Finance, Malayalam Manorama Group, Sodexo, Vodafone India, Hindustan Latex, etc. Within a short span of time, the company has tripled its revenue. By the end of 2014, the company has achieved Rs 140 lacs in revenues and by 2017WhiteLight is targeting to be among the top 5 leadership consulting firms in India. With their eyes set on the horizon, the team wants to reach new heights of success by staying true to its motto of Consult.Inspire.Result. “We will endeavor to focus on inspiring corporate employees to become future business leaders,” concludes Priyanka.