Suhaskrit Trainers & Consultants: Looking At Wisdom Differently

CIO Vendor Training encapsulates a vast field of goals and activities, and there isn’t just one particular way to go about it. With more and more training and consultancy firms mushrooming on the business sphere, it is of utmost importance to recognize the area seeking attention and formulating the right module and procedure to cater to it.The need of the hour is to have an open-minded approach towards troubleshooting and improving. SuhasKrit Trainers & Consultants is one such up-and-coming organization which specializes in training budding professionals around India. Based in Noida, it also has offices in New Delhi and Bareilly.Founded in 2009 by Partho Kumar, SuhasKrit now has about 20 trainers and consultants on their panel.

On his numerous sojourns as a guest speaker, while being in the field of publication, Partho realized that floating a training company is both necessary and wishful. And, SuhasKrit was born.“I conceived the idea of SuhasKrit as I felt it was time for me to share my knowledge and experience with the next generation and help them grow. And I’m immensely happy we share the same vision at SuhasKrit,” elaborates Partho. SuhasKrit literally means ‘I’m The Creator, I’m The Universe’, and believes in the motto, ‘Love Thyself to Care for Others.’Who better a patron than the dynamic founder himself?Partho observed an anomaly in the field of training - most established companies already had good training facilities in place, while the smaller institutions lacked it, and suffered as a result.Also, most training opportunities were limited to metropolitan cities.Since SuhasKrit’ inception, they have focused more down the line of hi

SuhasKrit banks on the knowledge acquired by its trainers over the last 25-30 years of their experience in varied industries

Partho takes pride in the fact that none of the trainers on the panel holds a training certification. Instead, they bank solely on knowledge acquired over the last 25-30 years of their experience in varied industries. Yet, SuhasKrit has taken the challenge head-on by offering comprehensive training programs in stress-management, transition of fresh recruits into corporate coliseums, and CSR related activities.Some of the flagship programs offered by SuhasKrit are Corporate Learning & Development Support (CL&DS), Education Institutional Support (EIS), Leadership Development Program (LDP) and Building Livelihood for Urban & Rural Youth (BLURY). It is motivation, and not just technical fine-tuning, that sets them apart from the competitors, according to Partho. And, in this quest of excellence, erecting a structured learning centre is planned, between Dehra Dun and Haridwar, soon.A comprehensive wellness program is on the anvil, along with the technical programs.

For SuhasKrit, the journey has only begun. Though greater challenges lay in store, the company plans to take the road-less-traveled in its pursuit of evolution and strive to create a niche which ultimately brings them the desired results, as they keep working closely with schools, colleges, universities, Government and Non-Government organizations to suit today’s business and value needs.“Knowledge, Wisdom and Learning are complementary to each other, and hence there is no end to them. Neither to our quest for them,” Partho concludes.