Square Yards: Using Every Yard in Turning Dreams into Reality

CIO Vendor The influx of business in India has seen a massive movement in practically every segment of the economy. There has been a boom in the real estate business too, as the need for space for industry and residence alike has seen a transformation. As the national outlook of business sees a sea change, the need for specialized consultation in the field has come to be more important than it once was. Gone are the days when real estate was limited to personal connections and word-of-mouth. A greater amount of professional finesse is now required in the field as well. Growth forecasting, making organized connections, market research, cost viability, revenue maximization are some of the aspects which require a professional touch. Square Yards, a company floated as recently as 2013 and headquartered in Dubai, UAE, is emerging as a key player in the field of real estate consulting, especially in India. Tanuj Shori, CEO of Square Group, was one of the founding members, and his vision was to bring specialized consulting knowledge to a market which was yet to completely understand the importance of such specialization. And, Square Yards has tasted success in a short span of time. The young company caters to a diverse range of property related needs, from residential projects in India to student accommodation in UK, hotel projects in North Dakota to factories in Singapore, mall redevelopment in Canada to high-rises in Manhattan and London.
Recognizing the Market, Catering to it
Tanuj, along with Kanika Gupta, the other founding member, was quick off the block. His experience in investment banking, and Kanika’s experience in Asset Management, played a crucial role in the company’s inception. He identified that there is a burning need for portfolio managers who have all the necessary acumen to guide one in terms of investing wisely, and India had an untapped potential. Hence, Square Yards came into being, with the vision of catering to clients eager to invest and make handsome returns. The aim was to connect clients to the right product, introduce them to the prospects of the product and make the process of procuring the property hassle free. “Transparency is also another important aspect while dealing with information. Therefore, we make sure that our clients have all the necessary information before making a choice,” explains Tanuj. The company’s major focus is in acting on behalf of a client first and then on behalf of a developer. Trust is considered an important asset by Square Yards.
Standing Out, Making a Difference
The dynamic company is a one-stop shop that provides all real estate solutions, as is evident from the dossier of their available services which includes Portfolio Management, Market Research, Property Management & Financing, Interior Decoration and Legal Support. And, all this for zero Management & Brokerage Fee!
“Our teams work in a very compact and coordinated manner. The Client Relationship Management (CRM) team plays a crucial role by offering services like monthly updates,construction dates, concierge services, TDS services and free site visits from home,” says Tanuj.

Today, Square Yards has grown into a successful business with a 500 member strong team, operations in six countries, with 24 offices in India itself

The company has older, bigger competitors in the space, and yet what makes them different is their client-centric approach. While most other players focus on cost minimization and profit maximization, Square Yards believes in working on behalf of their clients and, even after the deal is closed, assist them, till they move in.

Growing in Leaps and Bounds
Square Yards’ journey since its inception has been phenomenal so far and the company intends to expand further while keeping its client-first motto intact. What started as an idea has today grown into a successful business with a 500 member strong team, operations in six countries, with 24 offices in India itself. Close to sealing 2000 deals already and having sold almost a whopping $150 Million worth of real estate, the company is on an upward growth trajectory. Today Square Yards works closely with Grade-A developers such as L&T, DLF, Hiranandani, Adani, Lodha, Mantri, Rustomjee and TATA, among others. According to Tanuj the journey and the response that the company has received so far is no less than an achievement by itself. “During our early days we focused more on roping in a comprehensive team who believed in the vision of the company. Hence, the trust that we have built with the personnel and the client alike has aided our success in a big way,” explains Tanuj.
Currently, Square Yards is enjoying an absolute monopoly in the NRI market and is growing its presence in the Indian market. Having conquered the present, the company has ambitious plans for its future as well. Square Yards aims to expand its sales team to become 1000-strong and achieve near-monopoly status in the residential segment of the business in India. Also, the team intends to bring global products to India, bridging the gap between standards in India and abroad. “Our focus is on our clients and our employees. At Square Yards we have strong work ethics which we are not ready to compromise with. The best promotion for us is our hard work and commitment, and when that is a given, success is bound to follow,” Tanuj signs off.