Siksha Training And Development:Helping Clients Gain Organization, Business and Performance Objectiv

CIO Vendor In today’s corporate world every organization demands the best, especially when it comes to talent. When the Indian corporate ecosystem was shifting its shape to fit into the new millennium, need for talent became a matter of survival. Having identified this critical need of organizations, Siksha Training & Development Pvt Ltd was found, a firm that offers training and consulting solutions that are highly customized and are aligned to meet organization, business and performance goals.“Organizations that initially looked internally for human capital growth changed their perspective by exploring various external catalysts to bring in additional value,” says Padmaja Vaswani, Founder, Joint MD & CEO, Siksha. Found in 2002, the company today partners with over 200+ clients from various industries and has successfully trained over 2,00,000 members across levels.

Vanquishing the Challenges

Siksha, headquartered in Bangalore, came into existence when the corporate world was solely focused on developing the virtual world. According to Jitendra Vaswani- Chairman & MD of Siksha, “The start-up environment was not as attractive as it is today and it takes about a good decade to establish credentials and credibility to be accepted by the Industry.” Like any other new venture, the organization was perturbed about its value positioning in the beginning, and the firm overcame the concern under the punctilious forethought of Jitendra.

Venturing through the industry the company soon realized the insistence of their clients.By increasing the range of offerings from services to integrated solutions, the organization moved into a deliberated partnership with their clients.
“This has helped position Siksha as the learning partner of choice for several leading Indian organizations and MNCs.Our focus has always been to convert an identified challenge into an opportunity for our Clients,” adds Jitendra. Providing skills and knowledge, Siksha helps clients to address their challenges and become value-enablers by creating organization and performance opportunities. The company now proudly stands with a series of national and Multi-national clients which includes Honeywell, Cyient, IBM, Volkswagen, SRF, Accenture, EY, Apollo Hospitals, to name a few.

Creating a Resourceful Workspace
Siksha takes pride in providing performance-assured learning and consulting solutions to its clients. The company provides assessment, development and coaching solutions focused on leadership, sales, service and professional development. Making use of globally accredited online tools, experiential ‘Board-based business simulations’ clubbed with learning and coaching labs, the learning approach designed by Siksha encourages participative methodology using multiple learning modes which guarantees sustained learning and desired results to its clients. By developing people and process capabilities, the Company enables clients to transit from ‘Ability to Capability’ at organizational, business and performance platforms. Having partnered with leading organizations to convert business ideas to commercial and viable global projects the company contributes to noteworthy revenues. “Our integrated solutions are focused and positioned to creating ‘Leadership Pipeline’ across verticals, realigning Sales strategies and creating Service differentiation,” says Padmaja.

Since its establishment in 2002, Siksha advanced as a pioneer in its field. Crossing the geographical boundaries, today, the company offers its values to the UK and European markets. Being an active member of NHRD and ISTD the organization stays up-to-date with market needs and best practices in various industries in India. Under the wide experience and prowess of both Padmaja and Jitendra Vaswani, Siksha is looking forward to expand its offerings further. In future, the company plans to venture deep into other growing markets and bring best global practices to India.