Marg: Bringing Fresh Perspectives to the Boardroom

CIO Vendor As the Indian economy spreads its wings, the industrial chain grows further. The influx of business has seen a paradigm shift in how the companies now view the need and the ways of training and learning. Constant innovation and improvisation is the name of the game now.Inception of Marg, a company that specializes in training communication skills, soft skill, finance and MS Office, across the corporate hierarchy, is a result of that need for innovation. Based in Bangalore, Marg originally started its operations in Kolkata, shifting to Bangalore only in 2011.

The company today reaches out to a broader client base, and offers a more elaborate training program on the three aforementioned core areas.
“We follow the Bloom cognitive process, where we believe that training starts with learning and ends when it is applied at work place by the clients,”explains SB Roy, the CEO of Marg. She believes in equipping the clients with the right learning for them to identify the room for change and then execute it.

On the market itself, Roy sees to soft skills being poorly invested into by companies- which actually stems from the perspective Bangalore has towards soft skill training.Training budgets for soft skills is meagre as compared to the technical training, and therefore, companies such as Marg find themselves discussing rates for a longer duration than curriculum or content.
But, Roy is not ready to compromise on the quality for financial benefit. And now, her perseverance has begun showing signs of success.

MARG reaches out to a broader client base,and offers a more elaborate training program on the three aforementioned core areas

What separates Marg from its competitors is its modular approach to many behavioral areas and innovative techniques. The role plays, case studies, videos and various interactive activities are crucial tools used by the company to make the process of training more effective and the process of learning more efficient.There is also a post-training support of 30 days. Standing by Marg’s motto, Roy believes in being a training partner and not just a training vendor.Over time, the company has grown in stature and has partnered with companies in their pursuit of excellence.What had initially started with workshops for HR personnel in various companies has now elevated to in-house training partnerships with companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Yaskawa and J-Soft Ltd among others.

Looking ahead, Roy believes Marg’s recent association with Vital Smarts programs will be crucial. The company has already proved its efficiency with junior and middle level management training programs.Now, it intends to consolidate and evolve, by concentrating on leadership coaching and training and then move up the value chain.