Globarena Technologies: Bridging the Gap between Knowledge and Execution

CIO Vendor Learning & Development has opened up a vast avenue for a cross-section of industries and the economy as a whole. The technical finesse has come to the fore in a massive way. As the economy grows and evolves, professional acumen is a prerequisite in every sphere. And, life is made easier by specialists in every position, including the vital clog of Learning, Research & Development. As they say, the early bird gets the worm, and Globarena Technologies Pvt. Ltd. lost no time in identifying the potential of the market.In the midst of rapid globalization, Globarena set sail in the year 2000. Lead by astute academicians with an eye for prospects, Globarena started providing learning and assessment solutions, championing training in linguistic, numeric and soft skills. Starting the journey from Hyderabad, it now caters to a pan-Indian clientele, with a headcount of more than 350 employees across the country.

Globarena works closely with educational institutions and organizations, generating opportunities and also fine-tuning the candidates as per specific needs and requirements. Innovative training modules have made them stand out. They have weathered the initial scepticism of the clients by providing world-class e-learning models.In VSN Raju, the CEO, has a very committed visionary. By introducing out-of-the box approaches to training and assessment they have managed to bridge the gap between raw talent and employability skilling.
The initial hiccup that Globarena faced was reaching out to such geographically varied areas which were difficult to access, as most of them were in rural and semi-rural areas.
By the help of intranet/internet/handheld devices it harnessed accessibility issues.Over time it has innovated the e-learning modules by incorporating multi mode delivery in form of various online options, which makes it rather unique and hence, a standout player in the market.Now, it caters to colleges, universities and Government education departments, with a complete dossier of programs. Globarena E-Mentoring System (GEMS), Global Employability Test (GET), Examination Solutions (On Mark) and Engineering e-content
(TekEdge) are some of its popular programs.

Talking of achievements over the years, Raju says, “Globarena is a first generation company with proven solutions and services. What sets us apart from the competitors is our vast experience in the field. We cover almost 11 Lakh students across five universities with our e-content. We also partner NASSCOM in delivering the NAC Test around India.”

Globarena works closely with Osmania University, Anna University, JNTU Hyderabad, JNTU Kakinada, SVU, Tirupati, VSU, Nellore, and RU, Kurnool, VTU, RGTU to name a few. Since its inception, Globarena has grown manifold and has evolved from being just a training vendor to one of the most coveted names in the training industry. Globarena now provides e-content to a number of prestigious universities around India. Over 40 Lakh online evaluations for a major technological university in South India every year is a glowing testament to the magnitude of Globarena’s growth since it came into being.

The dynamic organization that has already gained a strong foothold in the industry is geared up for further growth in the years to come.