Epoch Research Institute: Leading the Way in Research and Analysis

CIO Vendor The Indian economy is at the threshold of greater glory as it rages on at a furious pace, and as it strives to innovate and improvise, the periphery of research and analysis grows too. It plays a major role in ascertaining and achieving in an organization’s wellbeing. It is here that consultancies specialized in Research & Analysis have a critical contribution. Epoch Research Institute is one such entity which delivers the quality analytical solutions and training programs. Established in 2009 by Karan Shah, supported by Naman Shah & Pallav Lodhia, at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Epoch has quickly evolved into the market leader in providing SAS assistance and solutions. They have expanded in these last five years, spreading operations across the country, opening two more offices and now have more than 80 employees on their payroll.

Hailing from diverse backgrounds of Pharmaceuticals and Engineering, Karan, Naman & Pallav made a swift transition as they identified the prospect of research, training and recruitment in the fast-growing Indian economy. They started with clinical research and soon found out the vast job requirement and professional opportunities up for grab. But, the strange anomaly was that companies wanted experienced professionals, while there were practically no institutions which specialized in training professionals in SAS. Epoch was floated to tap the unchartered waters, and it began by entering an authorized partnership with SAS, which allowed them to train candidates in various SAS programs. As the only such authorized institution available, and with growing inflation, Epoch were soon leading the way, getting a bright response from clients, which included a number of blue-chip companies. They soon expanded their business to Bangalore, where they further delved into Banking, Finances and Merchandising.
As clientele grew so did the number of secondary partners in terms of man power and consultants. Chennai was Epoch’s next stop, and more SAS programs were being incorporated in the training module.

Apart from training and consulting, Epoch also started focusing on staffing and software retailing. “In 2012, we completed a deal with Indiabhuj, selling them a Business Intelligence Modular SAS program.We followed that up with a similar deal with Gujarat based Ramdev Masalas, helping them with Relative Forecasting & Marketing Optimization features in order to increase their market base in India. Over the years, our presence has grown across the industries,” says Karan, talking about the ascendency of Epoch.

A very professional and specialized approach has made Epoch an exemplary organization. The vision reflects on the team of experts working tirelessly in collective zeal for perfection. Whatever the domain, Epoch has a SAS program suitable for it. Constant innovation and improvisation sets them apart from the bandwagon. “In our field, standardization is very crucial. In SAS India, we have found the perfect partner, which enables us to function in a patterned, authorized way. Homogeneity is another important aspect. And, we have been here long enough to have carved a space for ourselves, and hence, we don’t need to indulge in a cut-throat competition,” adds Karan.

In a field yet to be saturated, Epoch aims to expand operations while maintaining their high standards. “We are making a Tie up with PES College of Pharmacy to Launch Joint Certification Program on Clinical SAS & Big Data. Its going to be an big event where Regional Director & Vice Chairman of SAS India & Founder Trustee would be present,” explains Karan. Apart from this, in the near future, they plan to elevate their presence and start operations in the US as well. While remaining in the consulting capacity, they want to diversify to being mainstream software retailers as well. And finally, they plan to inflate their present headcount to 150 by the end of 2015.