DimenZion3 Talent Consulting:Cultivating Talent for the Indian Industry

CIO Vendor Today business organizations are dealing with unpredictable economic, technological and societal shifts that require remarkable levels of flexibility and innovation at an individual, group and organizational level. To keep up with the dramatic shift the companies are in competition to shape and sharpen their talents.

To support organizations to survive and thrive in this complex environment, in the year 2012 Hema Kulkarni, a HR professional with more than 16 years of work experience,supported by Shrivallabh Kulkarni,a professional with around 20 years of experience in the fields of Ttraining, OD, tTechnical sales and Mmarketing, came forward with the vision of supporting the business sector and innovate the industry. As a result of this DimenZion3 Talent Consulting LLP, came into existence. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company offers global solutions in the fields of Ddiversity, HR and Learning Management.The company provides competency building solutions in the areas of diversity and interpersonal skills; today the company is well-known in the learning and developing market.

Paving the way for unending opportunities to learn and grow, the organization provides established and budding companies with authentic and personalized solutions, right from Llearning and Ddevelopment to HR solutions.“We helps our clients to build a more diverse work force and consciously develops a talent pool which includes people from a diverse backgrounds and to improve their interpersonal, intercultural and leadership skills. Our primary focus is on building leadership talents of our clients,” say Hema Kulkarni, Director and Shrivallabh Kulkarni, CEO, DimenZion3.
Having understood the needs of its clients, the company promotes inclusion in their organization by offering holistic consulting and capability building solutions in the areas of dDiversity &iInclusion and Iintercultural Ccompetency development.“We provide a very high touch working model to the clients, which means that real people work with our clients, it’s not just computers and technology which interact. This gives the clients an opportunity to speak out, which in turn gives us an opportunity to listen to our clients.We customize and align all our services to unique client needs, every solutions that we give to various clients is different from the others,” adds Shrivallabh KulkarniHema. While most of the others in the market provide existing training materials, the company focuses on providing its clients specific solutions in the fields of leadership development, interpersonal skills and intercultural competency through custom designed programs.

With diversity of resources, solutions and capabilities, the company offers continued attention to client needs in managing their learning processes. Today the clients on their list include both national and international giants such as Cognizant, Amazon, Oracle, Accenture, Oracle, Cognizant, DentsuAaegis, Orbital Systems which also includes the growing organizations Flayer pathFlarepath, Nexsales, Diona, etc.

By innovating and providing services for the clients with effective resolution, in the upcoming years, the company wants to be a one stock stop shop for all talent needs by localizing the learning and innovation industry, which works smoothly with Indian companies. With a satisfied client roster to back them up, within a short period of time the company is planning to provide managed learning services to large cooperates using online cloud based tools as an upcoming offering.