Corpex Technologies: Enhancing People Competencies

CIO Vendor In today’s competitive business environment every organization needs to have a competent work force that can take up the challenges that come in their way. In the IT field which is highly project based, the skill set required for each project may vary and organizations require a workforce that is up to speed with these new skill set. This is where learning and development consultants can help such organizations. Having identified this, Lakshmikala Narasimhan founded Corpex, a service provider of customized learning solutions to corporates across India.
Founded in 2008, the company initiated its journey in the sector of soft skill training in the project oriented IT sector. Soon it transformed into a corporation and has today become a formidable name in the training industry and provides varied services in terms IT training, behavioral soft skills, communication, leadership excellence and team building. “Our team spends considerable time on understanding client’s requirement and designs the training program accordingly to reinforce the training effectively. This is how we differentiate ourselves,” explains Lakshmikala. The company is headquartered in Bangalore and also has a presence in Chennai, Gurgaon and Navi Mumbai.
“We are well known in the industry for our classroom training programs,” adds Lakshmikala. Corpex has recently launched a public program(open house workshop) for all soft skills as well as technical (IT) training. The company has created a niche in the market by providing customized services based on a client’s specific needs. With the help of subject matter experts the team imparts short 90 minute sessions or seminars that help the attendees to gain an understanding of the topic in question.Apart from this the company also identified that ownership, accountability and communication are three major challenges faced by most of the organizations. The company provides soft skill training to employees to help organization overcome these barriers.

The young company makes sure to have a long and fruitful association with its clients and has devised a special programme called CARE* (Corpex Assurance on Re-Defining Excellence).
It is an optional follow-up program where the company revisits its clients after a month or so for mentoring sessions, to help them build up a lot of different solutions.“This way our clients know that we take care of them and make sure that the programmes have made a positive impact,” explains Lakshmikala.

Added to this, the company has launched a concept called, active training evaluation method (ACT)(Assess: Change: Totality)which focuses on assessment process of learned program among attended participants. This process works pre-training, during the training and post- training assessment and makes sure that the client benefits from the programme.“From the time the request is raised till the execution is made and till we receive the feedback, a very strong evaluation is continued on our trainers’ delivery, their feedback, testimonials, conference call, by completely following the ISO training process,”adds Lakshmikala.

Owing to the superlative customized services and unwavering focus to make sure that clients benefit from Corpex training, the company has been growing since its inception. Within the first year or its incorporation, the company gained nearly 22+ clients. The year 2012 saw the company earn its highest turnover exclusively on the training process. The company is to day on the process to achieve one of the best LINUX authorized training partners, PearsonVue authorized test Centre, and Microsoft authorized product licensing partner and Authorized Training Organization of EXIN to train and implement ITIL process.

Going forward Corpex intends to spread its wings and take on the global training market. “We plan to enter new arenas such as people competency and behavioral training programs,” says Lakshmikala. She adds “Several colleges also require placement assistance. We intend to help students understand how to work in a professional environment.”.
In weeks.. We are also expanding out service portfolio to include
•CHO and CIO advisory consulting services to assist customers excel in Operational excellence.
•Rolling out application support and Infrastructure support services is also in cards in our current year business plan .The company has also hired highly experienced global professionals to join the Corpex board in order to take the company to greater heights. Reach out to Corpex to get more details through