SoaringEagles: Your Confidence Coach

CIO Vendor Sonali Sinha is an investment banker-turned-entrepreneur, humanitarian and a die-hard optimist dedicated to helping individuals be successful by making them purpose-driven and confident. Her transformation dates back when she was working for Ernst & Young but was involved with several NGOs. Driven by her social concern, she always felt the urge to have social impact and so eventually she joined an NGO, Dignity Foundation. During her stint there, her passion for helping people be successful became clear when she came across several articles about how engineers are not employable and Ph.D. students are applying for peon jobs. Such articles agitated her and also made her question the Indian education system. She personally observed the stark difference in aptitude, skill, and ambition between her investment banking colleagues and NGO colleagues. “Obviously, there is a process of natural selection, but I do believe that the large gap in talent and attitude is due to lack of exposure and limited understanding of one’s own potential and options,” she says.

SoaringEagles provide that spring in the step and the self-belief to soar to new heights

According to a study done by World Bank – FICCI on Employer Satisfaction Survey for Graduate Engineers - besides technical skills, most companies actually see gaps in areas such as reliability, problem-solving, willingness to learn, ability to understand/take directions, self-motivation, creativity, experiments/data analysis, integrity, reading, and teamwork.
To this, Sonali adds, “It was disappointing to note that most graduates were considered employable for only clerical and BPO jobs as per Aspiring Minds report on employability skills of graduates. The desire to help people figure out their true potential and develop their skills to achieve career success led me to setupSoaringEagles.”

Established in 2015, SoaringEagles’ journey has been an exhilarating one. Initially focusing on college students and job seekers, the company later expanded their focus to include training of working professionals as well. Elaborating on this Sonali says, “We also decided to get into corporate training to build our B2B business that complements our B2C business and both feed off each other in terms of understanding mindsets, experiences, and expectations.”In the span of two years, they have worked with some of the leading organizations like SBI, EsselPropack, Accenture Operations, Intuit, Aditya Birla Group, and others. In terms of their learning process, especially in the B2C business, they offer a complete solution to their clients and claim that no one is offering such a comprehensive solution in the market.

SoaringEagleshas a strong learner-centric approach and arouses intrinsic motivation to learn in their trainees. The company believes in delivering quality content consistently. The company has seized every opportunity that has presented itself in the talent development space. Explaining the importance of their services for companies, Sonali avers, “Disengaged employees and high turnover rate impact the productivity of the business, its level of innovation, and ultimately the bottom line. One of the key reasons for attrition is a lack of opportunity for self-development of employees. Bringing on board an innovative and agile talent development partner like SoaringEagles can dramatically improve performance over a few months of engagement.”

Based in Mumbai, SoaringEagles has seen a rapid growth of 415 percent YoY. Over the last two years, they have trained over 1,200 participants across various segments and formats. Also, they have had students come from different parts of the country like Delhi, Nagpur, Jaipur, and even from Dubai. In the medium to long term, they are keen to explore a blended learning approach with online self-paced sessions clubbed with virtual live instructor-led sessions. They have already started this in a small way and are getting very good response. “We see technology playing a very important part in helping us reach out to larger audiences and provide a personalized learning experience,” concludes Sonali.